6 beautiful Singapore homes that are urban retreats

These stylish homes, designed by some of Singapore’s top interior designers, inspire rest and rejuvenation – encapsulating the ethos of retreating into a private sanctuary.

  • 6 beautiful Singapore homes that are urban retreats

Text by Louisa Clare Lim


Living in fast-paced urban cities is exciting, but to combat the stresses of a hectic, busy schedule, balance is needed – this is where relaxing and unwinding comes in. And there’s no better place than home to create your own urban retreat.

The following six homes are great examples of interiors that encapsulate the ethos of retreating into a private sanctuary: a place to escape, seek comfort, rest and rejuvenate. They are the shortlisted entries for the Best Space for Retreat category at the upcoming Lookbox Design Awards!


Ang_Mo_Kio_residence_(15) Ang_Mo_Kio_residence_(4)

#1 Ang Mo Kio Residence

This three-storey semi-detached house, designed by Atelier Here, features a prayer space that’s been designed as a sanctuary punctured only by daylight. An eight-metre long cabinet here incorporates bookshelves and storage space, while screening this space from the rest of the house. As for the rest of the house, colours and textures are also kept to a minimum to create stillness and visually bring in exterior’s surrounding greenery.


IMG_9599_crop IMG_9926

#2 Retreat

For their condominium unit, these homeowners wanted a relaxing feel, and for it to have a touch of Peranakan style. The designers from Linear Space Concepts used old Peranakan tiles, wooden elements and colour to give the apartment its unique character.



#3 White Brick House

For his cluster townhouse home, the homeowner wanted a space for him and his 9-year-old son that is relaxing and nostalgic of his childhood growing up in a beach countryside of southern France. The designers from Upstairs analysed that the most tactile materials, such as brick and timber, should be factored in to fulfil the brief. A white colour palette was selected as a unifying colour, and also for its clarifying effects on the mind.


WYNK-AMapartment_08 WYNK-AMapartment_07

#4 AM Apartment

Thanks to Wynk Collaborative, a brand new one-bedroom condominium unit with run-of-the-mill finishes is transformed into a space that feels like a sanctuary, and with a palette that is engaging yet soothing to the senses. The design also makes efficient use of space.


Loft_3 Loft_5

#5 Sunnyvale Residence

As space is tight in this dual-key loft condominium unit, the designers from Wee Studio maximised the entertainment space with the use of a sofa bed and loose furniture that can be easily moved around to reconfigure the space. A small pantry, built-in furniture and a selection of decor and fixtures were also integrated to provide comfort, functionality and aesthetics even in a compact apartment.



#6 15 Retreat

As the original intermediate terrace house lacked natural lighting and had a low ceiling, The Carpenter’s Workshop reworked the space to optimise airflow and natural light, and implement a sense of space. An earth-tone colour palette provides a sense of rest and calm for the senses.


If these beautiful homes inspire you, you should definitely get tickets to the upcoming Lookbox Design Awards Gala Night to find out who the winner of the Best Space for Retreat category will be, and see more amazing works from Singapore’s top designers!


Tickets for the LBDA Gala Night, to be held on 14 December 2017, are available here.



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