Lux Design crafts bespoke living spaces

Specialising in the design of luxury residential projects, Lux Design seeks to translate its clients’ vision of a dream home into one that’s tailored to their lifestyle.

  • Lux Design crafts bespoke living spaces

  • Lux Design crafts bespoke living spaces

  • Lux Design crafts bespoke living spaces

  • Lux Design crafts bespoke living spaces

  • Lux Design crafts bespoke living spaces

  • Lux Design crafts bespoke living spaces

  • Lux Design crafts bespoke living spaces

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

It is said that to be successful at one’s craft, it’s important to have the right knowledge and experience. While it’s true to a certain degree, Lux Design believes that it’s far more important to work with a team of people who share the same passion and vision, and have the perseverance to push forward even in the darkest hour.

Like many businesses, it wasn’t rainbows and unicorns when three friends, Wayne Loh, Howie Tan and Erik Wong founded the interior design firm in 2012, especially since none of them have formal education of the discipline.

Bukit Batok West Ave 6 bespoke living space by Lux Design

Wayne and Howie were in a car grooming business together, while Erik ran his family’s carpentry business. Their attention to detail and overwhelming desire in making beautiful things led them to a bigger dream – to create bespoke living spaces that are luxurious in character and functionality.

AMK Ave 4 bespoke living by Lux Design

Each project is contextual. Lux Design takes the cultural context and lifestyle of its clients and translates it into a design that’s unique to its clients. “This is what luxury design means today; it is no longer about having the most expensive furnishings,” the co-founders explain of their design approach in response to the changing face of luxury.

Marine Parade Road bespoke living by Lux Design

Lux Design’s personalised design services, which include in-house carpentry, give the firm an added advantage in this oversaturated industry. “Having Erik’s father, a master craftsman with decades of experience, partner with Lux Design is a total game-changer,” says Howie. “We are able to provide cutting-edge designs, top-notch workmanship and after-sales service that ensure better quality assurance for our clients.”

New York loft in HDB flat bespoke living by Lux Design

Indeed, Lux Design’s impeccable work ethic and reliable service has led to many client referrals and its rapid growth.

Woodlands Drive bespoke living by Lux Design

Having designed many landed properties and private apartments – over 70 completed projects and counting this year alone – this ambitious local firm is looking to penetrate the luxury market further, be it the residential or commercial sector.

AMK Ave 4 bathroom bespoke living by Lux Design

With a dream team that consists of eight designers with diverse backgrounds – finance, real estate, engineering, project management and colour specialist; all of which form the genetic makeup of the renovation process – it’s not difficult for Lux Design to attain its goal. Each individual brings a different perspective and this collaborative process that’s bolstered by constant communication between designer and client is the true appeal of Lux Design.

Lux Design

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