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Bored of brick walls? Here are 6 alternatives for your feature wall

Every other home you see has a brick feature wall. If you’re looking for something different, check out these design alternatives.

Text by Redzman Rahmat

By now, having a brick wall in the home is a common sight. It adds visual interest and texture to a room, often serving as a feature wall and a focal point in a space. But now that everyone has a brick wall in their living room, maybe it’s time to do something different. Here are other options you might want to consider for your own feature wall, from the functional to the far-out.

Alternative #1: Wooden walls

Third-Avenue-Studio_Ramsgate-01Design by Third Avenue Studio

One of the easiest alternative to a brick wall is a wood wall.  With bricks you have several options; textured white bricks, red bricks, partial brick walls, we’ve seen them all. Wood however, gives you even more options to play with. Whether you decide to go with wood-like laminates, wood veneer or even solid wood, you’ll be faced with different colours, textures and wood grain patterns. A wooden wall doesn’t feel as heavy as a brick wall would, making it an ideal feature for a busy living room. Along that line, wood also has the ability to make a home feel grounded and earthy, whether you’re going for a minimalist look, a rustic style or a warm, tropical design.

PoetusDesign by Poetus

For a feature wall that looks and feels even lighter and less bulky, consider arranging thin strips of wood into a panel. This design creates even more visual interest (although accumulated dust might be a problem for some) but doesn’t weigh down the look of the room. These panels look stylishly minimal, and can also serve as the ideal backdrop for a tropical-themed interior design.


Alternative #2: Storage wall

Design by D’ Initial Concept

A feature wall doesn’t just have to be an aesthetic addition to the home. Why not make the design element a functional one? Building open shelves on your feature wall is a great way to add a display/storage area in your space-starved home. Go for neutral coloured shelves, then let your belongings do the talking. Your feature design is up to what you decide to display on these shelves, whether it’s books, soft toys or collectible figurines.


Alternative #3: Coloured wall

Sometimes, something simple is all you need to make an impression. Having a wall with a strong statement colour is more than enough to become a standout feature wall. Whether you’re using paint or wallpaper, a coloured wall can help to pull a look together in your home. If you want something more complex than a simple paint job, you might want to look into the newer series of paints that can create textured finishes.


DInitial-Concept_DSC04176Design by D’ Initial Concept

If you’re hesitant to have a dominating coloured wall, this home shows how you can paint only a portion of the wall for a similar effect.


Alternative #4: Geometric wall

851Design by Free Space Intent

Since a feature wall is supposed to be the main focus in a room, why not go all out and make a big statement? Exercise your creativity and design a wall using shapes, patterns and angles. There are limitless designs, so you should explore the options with what you can do on your wall. For example, layering cut-out geometric shapes can add depth, choosing unconventional materials can bring texture, and adding strips of light will make the space look cooler.


Alternative #5: Unconventional material wall

Linear-Space_Pop-Art-HDB_9776Design by Linear Space Concepts

Why limit yourself to bricks and other conventional materials? Let your feature wall stand out by using something a bit more unexpected. Corrugated metal sheets, as seen in this home, make an equally impressive feature. If your style is somewhat quirky, then this might be the route for you.


Alternative #6: Typography wall

942Design by Meter Square

Sometimes, the best way to make a statement is to spell it out. Typography is increasingly popular; you see it on posters, t-shirts and bags. Bring the same design sensibility to your home. Pick a quote you love, or come up with your own verse, then display it proudly on your wall. Not only is it an impactful design statement, it’s also a daily reminder to yourself.


What do you think of these feature wall alternatives? Do you think they’re better than a brick wall, or will you stick to the tried and true?


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