5 Ways to bring the Industrial look into your home

Love the Industrial look? Here’s how you can have it in your own home

5 Ways to bring the Industrial look into your home

Drawing inspiration from old factories and warehouses that emerged during the Industrial Revolution, the Industrial look has imperceptibly grown in popularity as reflected by the increasing number of corporate offices and households in Singapore that have opted for the seamless blend of grungy ruggedness and chic sophistication. If you’re enticed by its raw and utilitarian appeal, check out these tips by local furniture retailer Journey East on how to bring the Industrial look into your home.  By Arman Shah


1. Leave brick walls, natural stones and concrete surfaces exposed

Journey-East_Exposed-stone-wall-(shelf-by-d-Bhodi)d-Bodhi shelf from Journey East

Texture is key in highlighting the Industrial look in any living space. While the default approach to interior design is to keep surfaces clean and smoothly finished, the exact opposite applies with the Industrial look. Keep that can of paint back in the storeroom and leave your brick walls and concrete surfaces exposed to get that ‘dirty pretty’ look. Just be prepared to answer your relatives when they ask, “Is this wall/floor incomplete? Not enough money to finish your renovation?”


2. Stock up on recycled wood furniture

Journey-East_Sheffield-5-Tier-Shelving-Unit-(by-District-Eight)Sheffield 5-Tier Shelving Unit by District Eight, from Journey East

Recycled wood that’s beautifully weathered from prolonged exposure to the natural elements brings the rugged charm that’s associated with an Industrial-style home. It’s also eco-friendly, making it a win-win situation for both you and the environment. Furniture from recycled wood also tend to be hardier. Just check out Journey East’s range of furniture made from recycled teak wood. The Sheffield five-tier shelving unit (designed by District Eight Design) is a showstopper made from recycled teak wood and iron, the perfect combination for an Industrial-style statement piece. 


3. Introduce lots of iron and steel elements to your home

Journey-East_Molecular-Lamp-(by-House-Doctor)Molecular lamp by House Doctor, from Journey East

As we pointed above, iron is another essential component in the Industrial look. In fact, metals like iron, steel, brass and copper will complement the timber in your home, resulting in a balanced material palette that’s easy on the eyes. For a start, steer away from traditional fabric lampshades and opt for decorative lighting units with interesting iron and steel components. This Molecular lamp by House Doctor is made of black-coated iron with brass fittings, and is the perfect addition to a home looking for a sophisticated Industrial slant.

4. Stick to a monochromatic colour scheme

Journey-East_Lift-Press-Dining-Table-(by-District-Eight)Lift Press dining table by District Eight Design, from Journey East

The Industrial style is not exactly known for vibrant pops of colour, so it’s probably a good idea to stick to a predominantly black and white colour palette. The Lift Press dining table, by District Eight Design, pairs tempered glass with jet black, cast iron press legs, epitomising the raw beauty of Industrialism. In fact, the mounting fixtures on this table are made of authentic industrial machine parts!

5. Make a statement with structural pieces

Journey East_Street Art Southwark Coffee Table (by d-Bhodi)Street Art Southwark coffee table by d-Bodhi, from Journey East

The Industrial look isn’t known for being quiet and demure. Be bold and choose home furniture with an unconventional form and structure. One of our faves is this coffee table by d-Bodhi. Made of iron and recycled boat wood, it’s a work of art masquerading as functional furniture, and proves that you can be adventurous and fun while achieving the Industrial look in your own home.

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