How to incorporate a brick wall in your home

These homes in Singapore take on the Industrial-influenced interior design trend with beautifully textured brick walls

How to incorporate a brick wall in your home

The Industrial-influenced interior design trend is as popular as ever, with many Singaporean homeowners loving the raw textures of a brick wall. Here, we showcase five standout homes in Singapore that incorporate the brick wall aesthetic, resulting in homes that are as raw and utilitarian as they are warm and homely. By Arman Shah

Creating depth



Beyond its Scandinavian influences – as made evident by the vibrant pops of colour and meticulously organised layout – this 4-room HDB flat also showcases the clever utilisation of brick walls to add a bit of dimension. The interior designers from Dots ‘N’ Tots tackled the narrowness of the house’s layout by featuring a brick feature wall that helps in highlighting the depth of the home. See the rest of the home here.

Adding warmth



Understanding that a brick wall can help create a warm and homely environment, the interior design team from D’ Initial Concept introduced it in strategic parts of this eclectic 3-room condo apartment. The kitchen, for example, features a half-length brick wall and a glass enclosure, while the living room features a floor-to-ceiling brick wall that helps in gelling all the design elements together cohesively. See the rest of the home here.

Introducing texture



If you’re concerned that dark-coloured bricks will make your home appear smaller, then you can opt for white bricks instead. Light-coloured bricks can create the illusion of spaciousness, as illustrated in this 700-sqft flat at Marina Drive. Designed by MOMO & Partners, the kitchen boasts a nice contrast between the pale textured wall and the furnishing that bring the space to life with nice pops of colour. The rest of the home, featured here, is just as interesting.

Inspiring nostalgia



With design intervention from Linear Space Concepts, the owners of this multi-generational, 5-room HDB flat were able to create a space that harmoniously blends each of their unique personalities. As the parents love the nostalgia of the 70s, the interior designers steered clear of smooth and clean surfaces and opted for interesting textures like solid wood, steel and, of course, brick walls for the living room. See the rest of the home here.

Blending the old with the new



Two and a half storeys high, this Scandinavian-inspired terrace house managed to achieve the perfect balance between retro and modern. From warm woods to rustic bricks, the team from Distinct Identity upped the design ante by incorporating lots of different textures. A dark brick wall embellishes the master bedroom, while a brick wall of a paler shade complements the abundance of natural light coming into the living room. See the rest of the home here.


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