Warm and elegant home for modern living

The designers from Image Creative Design have a gift for conceptualising a wide range of possibilities for modern living. For this expansive two-bedder concept show flat, the team has put together a space filled with modern and contemporary design elements to inspire homeowners and allow easy visualisation of their unique ideas.

  • Warm and elegant home for modern living

  • Warm and elegant home for modern living

  • Warm and elegant home for modern living

  • Warm and elegant home for modern living

  • Warm and elegant home for modern living

Home Type: 2-bedroom concept show flat

Floor Area: 1,600sqft

Text by Janice Seow

The Image Creative Design team have built an open-concept kitchen that’s a dream for those who love to cook and entertain. They have created an island counter with a quartz surface top featuring an induction hob for cooking, while a palette of neutral shades visually ties the kitchen and living area together. “We wanted to play up the earth tones in this space,” say the designers, adding, “The living area also has a feature wall display with room to showcase objects.”

Unlike the open scheme found in the kitchen and living area, the dining zone is housed in a raised platform ‘room’ with the timber-look ceiling, vinyl wood-look flooring and pendant lamps bringing forth a cosy and more intimate ambiance. Elegant touches take the form of clean-lined furnishings and a brown tinted full-length mirror (also featured in the kitchen), which visually enhances the space.

The designers have created a well-balanced mix of storage and display options in the kid’s room, with each one underscored by a different surface treatment. A marble-look laminated wall with display niches brings on a luxurious vibe, wood-look laminates add warmth to the space, and the study takes centre stage in a striking green laminated cladding.

A soothing colour palette makes this spacious master bedroom a restful retreat space. Recessed lighting highlights the details and texture on the plush velvet cushioned headboard and timber-look laminated feature panels. The designers have also built a large dresser with a slim, cantilevered table for an elegant, lightweight look. “It is backlit on all sides, and this helps to enhance the feature,” say the designers.

To showcase what homeowners can do with a high ceiling, the designers have taken advantage of the 3.8-metre ceiling height in the kid’s room and built a mezzanine loft area to house the sleeping area, thereby freeing up the floor space below for a cosy study. This entire feature is clad in bright green laminate, which not only serves to highlight the unique design, but also injects youthful vibrancy into the space.

Image Creative Design


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