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Old walk-up apartment turned into a chic industrial loft

A new mezzanine level by the Prozfile design team makes the most of this pre-war apartment’s 6.5-metre ceiling.

Home Type: 2-bedroom walk-up apartment

Floor Area: 1,087 sqft

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This apartment was a blank canvas when the homeowners got their keys. But it has since been transformed into a home full of personality by the designers from Prozfile. It was basically an open-concept space with skylights that let in copious amount of daylight. This expanse of natural light and space attracted the homeowners. They were also charmed by its exposed brick walls.

Pre-war apartment turned industrial loft designed by Prozfile

To capitalise on the 6.5-metre tall ceiling, the team decided to erect a mezzanine level which also effectively segregates the private resting areas from the communal zones. A new staircase is then constructed to access the loft.

Pre-war apartment turned industrial loft living room designed by Prozfile

A monochrome colour palette of tiles with fabulous patterns can be seen on the side of the steps. It sweeps in visual drama to turn this utilitarian fixture into an outstanding focal point. Besides these on-point aesthetics, the designers also worked in tons of storage – including a full-fledged storeroom—behind the blue-grey laminate finish underneath the staircase.

Pre-war apartment turned industrial loft dining area designed by Prozfile .jpg

The open-plan layout includes the dining area. A row of custom-built carpentry works falls in line with the homeowners’ lifestyle needs of having a counter to make their favourite beverages. It is flanked by the wine chiller and a storage-friendly pantry.

With the full-height storage fixture keeping clutter at bay, there is ample room for the 2.8-metre long dining table to sit in place without obstruction. A contemporary-style chandelier adds to the bold design lines in this light-filled area.

Pre-war apartment turned industrial loft kitchen designed by Prozfile

Some semblance of the conserved apartment’s pre-war history remains with the exposed brick wall lining the kitchen. It has been retained to add a dash of character and contrast to the contemporary ensemble of dark coloured counters and overhead cabinets.

Pre-war apartment turned industrial loft kitchen and laundry room designed by Prozfile

Most of the flooring has been re-screeded in a darker tone and then layered with stucco to better withstand heavy wear and tear. Honeycomb-shaped tiles in a lighter tint of grey are teamed with the main flooring, which lead into the laundry room. Enclosed by paned glass panels, the black powder-coated mild steel frame brings a sleek industrial aesthetic to the space.

Pre-war apartment turned industrial loft master bedroom designed by Prozfile

The pitched roof is one of the reasons the homeowners fell in love with this unit; it frames the ceiling of the master bedroom with an industrial character. Retaining the existing brick wall was also a good call as it keeps to the heritage of the conserved building.

Pre-war apartment turned industrial loft bedroom designed by Prozfile

The other side of the loft level is occupied by the homeowners’ two daughters. A pastel colour theme pairs well with the exposed brick wall and louvered glass window panes.

Pre-war apartment turned industrial loft bedroom details designed by Prozfile

Customised carpentry works put the the odd corners of the girls’ bedroom to good use. Shelving is aligned with the length of the bedframe while a powder pink shelf takes on the form of a house for a touch of whimsy. The back of it hides a cosy nook; perfect for pre-bedtime reads.

Pre-war apartment turned industrial loft bathroom designed by Prozfile

A skylight bathes this mosaic-tiled bathroom in good light. To demarcate the shower stall from the dry area, Prozfile designers erected a glass divider outlined by a black steel frame – a definite nod to the ongoing industrial aesthetics in this charming walk-up apartment.


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