Rejuvenate your home decor with these no-reno tips

Home furnishing ideas and styling tips from local furniture giant Courts

  • Rejuvenate your home decor with these no-reno tips

  • Rejuvenate your home decor with these no-reno tips

  • Rejuvenate your home decor with these no-reno tips

  • Rejuvenate your home decor with these no-reno tips

  • Rejuvenate your home decor with these no-reno tips

Text by Jasmine Goh

If you’re getting slightly bored of your home decor, there’s no need to change out all your furniture or renovate your entire home. Swapping out a few key pieces or re-arranging your furniture can sometimes be all you need to have a rejuvenated space. Mr Keda Albano, regional head of visual merchandising at Courts Asia, shares more.

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What are some easy ways to change the look of the home without going through a reno?

If you have a modular sofa, which comes in flexible configurations and can be easily taken apart and assembled, you can expand and contract the seating size as you like. Many styles also have moveable back support for larger lounging space, especially handy when preparing for movie night. For sofas and seats with easy-to-remove covering, you can replace the fabric coverings and change the look of a room in just 15 minutes.

Accessories are the easiest and quickest way to update a room’s look and feel. You can also add mirrors to visually enlarge a room size, or a room divider to delineate space.

Bring the outdoors in. Along with wellness-oriented lifestyles, the botanic theme is one that is recently being embraced. This can be achieved with the use of artificial or real plants, or simply having green pops of colour in furniture or wall hangings. This décor theme helps create a sense of openness and vitality within the space. Homeowners can consider the Yumiko fabric sofa in a vibrant green (pictured below) and plant-inspired paintings and home accessories from Courts.


For homeowners on a tight budget, how can they make their space feel more cosy?

Decorative lamps or adding a dimmer to ceiling lights can instantly create a sense of cosiness. Plush items such as faux fur cushions, fluffy throws or soft area rugs further add to the feeling of cosiness.

Set aside some space for storing different decor story items. Sofas and ottomans with built-in storage are good opportunities to hide away different colour stories of vases, cushions, and throws that can be rotated at a minute’s notice.


What is one mistake to avoid when mixing and matching different furniture styles?

Mixing and matching is an exciting decor option because it allows for the playfulness of different patterns and colours to come together to form a complete and personalised look. Try to stay within a colour range of three to four colours that is repeated and evenly dispersed throughout the room, allowing your eyes to bounce back and forth to the colours. Let the mixing and matching happen with accessories, fabrics, and artwork.

One thing to avoid is mixing light and dark woods. Decide on the wood that you prefer and select chair legs, tables, cupboards, shelving units, etc. in the same wood tones for a cohesive palette.


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