AkzoNobel reveals the Colour Of The Year

AkzoNobel and Dulux reveals the Colour Of The Year: Inspired Violet

AkzoNobel reveals the Colour Of The Year

AkzoNobel, manufacturer of Dulux paints, recently launched ColourFutures 2013, predicting colour trends for the year ahead and even picking out the Colour of the Year!

Based on the company’s analysis and research, 2013 will see communities across borders, different countries, diverse cultures and varied lifestyles embracing possibilities and forming “Connections”. 
The lauded Colour of The Year belongs to Inspired Violet, a striking statement colour that’s associated with wisdom and honesty. The restful hue enhances the environment while exuding a sense of tranquility and stability. 
Apart from the crowning and celebration of Inspired Violet, AkzoNobel also worked with 14 interior designers from South East Asia Pacific to translate global trends into local lifestyles. Here are some of the highlights:
Collective Passion is a colour palette that expresses energy, joy, creativity and purpose.

Home Factory is inspired by nature’s dyes; they are saturated but simple colours with an authentic and rich quality. 
Switching Off consists of a palette of ethereal hues that are associated with tranquil snowscapes, misty hazes and starry nights, promoting rest and relaxation. 


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