6 Eclectic Homes that Look Like Art Galleries

Step inside these six Singapore homes and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to an art gallery

6 Eclectic Homes that Look Like Art Galleries

Whether you’re an art aficionado or just someone who enjoys beautiful things, you’ll want a home that showcases your collection of artwork, paintings or furniture collection. Here, we sneak a peek at five homes in Singapore that seamlessly blend different design elements to create a truly eclectic and gallery-like abode. By Arman Shah

DIY maisonette




To channel their love for upcycled vintage furniture, the owners of The Rocking Chair went down the DIY route and chose not to consult any interior designers during the renovation process. The young couple skillfully dismantled and reassembled their custom furniture – specifically their dining table, coffee table and bookshelf – to create standalone art pieces. The industrial feel and exciting pops of colour also contribute to the home’s allure, as you can see in the rest of the home, here.

Hybrid space




Nothing adds a personal touch quite like photos, but this double-storey terrace house ups its artistic ante with stunning photographs that were professionally taken by the owner. Designed by Renozone, this apartment doubles as a photography studio, and the brief was met by sticking to a monochromatic and minimalistic aesthetic that complements the raw utilitarian appeal of the industrial look. See the rest of the home here.

Wonderfully psychedelic




When industrial meets pop art, you get this one-of-a-kind HDB resale flat that’s wonderfully vibrant and dynamic. The product of a wacky collaboration between the homeowners and the designers from Linear Space Concepts, it features an eclectic array of furniture and decor pieces that look like they were stolen from Andy Warhol’s art studio. This is clearly what daring to be different looks like as seen in the rest of the home here.

Art showcase




Contrary to popular belief, a compact apartment can be turned into an art gallery-inspired home and still have plenty of space to roam around. The interior designers from Upstairs did just that by customising a wall-to-wall, full-height shelf that allows the owners to display their home accessories and other bits and bobs. A foldable wall was also installed to offer the option of partitioning without compromising on airiness. See the rest of the home here.

Urban oasis




Designed by Akihaus, this three-storey terrace house is the ultimate modern-day sanctuary. Beyond its luxuriousness, however, is an evident incorporation of design elements that reflect the homeowners’ penchant for the arts. As you walk up the cantilevered steps to the second floor, you will be treated to the sight of stunning abstract paintings. The living room also features a ceiling-high bookshelf where a large painting is on display. See the rest of the home here.

Complementary styles




Achieving a cohesive look when there are three storeys worth of art pieces from all over the world can be a challenge, but the interior design team from Free Space Intent managed it through trial and error. Whether it involves the colourful pop art in the children’s playroom or the traditional Chinese calligraphy in the living room, the designers ensured that the different styles flow organically from room to room. Bold furniture were also used to further add to the eclecticism of the living space. See the rest of the home here.


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