An open-concept HDB flat with an exposed bedroom and glass wardrobe

This 4-room resale HDB flat has been renovated to look like a New York loft, with practically no walls!

  • An open-concept HDB flat with an exposed bedroom and glass wardrobe

  • An open-concept HDB flat with an exposed bedroom and glass wardrobe

  • An open-concept HDB flat with an exposed bedroom and glass wardrobe

  • An open-concept HDB flat with an exposed bedroom and glass wardrobe

Home Type: 4-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,075 sqft

Text by Lookbox Living

Most experience a feeling of disbelief upon stepping into Serene Tng’s newly renovated flat. With almost every single internal wall knocked away, the bachelorette’s home is barely recognisable as the typical HDB flat it is. With an exposed bedroom and glass-encased walk-in wardrobe, the whole flat can be eyeballed at one go.


Besides its prime location in the in-demand Holland Village area, what really appealed to Serene are the “good bones” of the flat. The place is bathed in natural lighting and has good ventilation, and while the living space was on the small side, that could be easily rectified by hacking away walls.

Serene could also envision her collection of books, drawings and artwork set against modern loft-style spaces here.


Serene left the design conceptualisation and renovation in the capable hands of Marc Wong, creative director of Linear Space Concepts. She recalls her initial request for a simple gallery-like home, which Marc responded to with a suggestion to go all out and combine all the rooms into one large and expansive space.

“The most unexpected part of the renovation was when he hacked away all the walls; it turned out so well and I love how it uncovered all these hidden corners and structural columns that lend a sense of mystery to the space!” smiles Serene.


Another bold design move that Marc proposed was to build a completely see-through walk-in wardrobe. Clad in clear glass, the wardrobe sits directly opposite the front door and is immediately visible from the entrance. Admittedly, not many are able to accept this lack of privacy, but Serene was completely on board.

“Serene has great taste and this applies to her fashion choices as well,” says Marc. “We knew that an open boutique-style wardrobe works for this home because she has a great collection of outfits that looks good as a backdrop to the interior design.”

Leading into the wardrobe, the bedroom sits pretty amidst the open plan setting and is defined by red brick walls and quirky art pieces displayed casually.


With its open concept and Serene’s vividly coloured wardrobe making a confident visual statement in the home, Marc also incorporated other elements on the homeowner’s wish list. This includes the stainless steel countertop, cement screed flooring, red brick walls and plenty of storage and display options for her collection of books and art.

One of the standout design elements is the vibrant shade of midnight blue, for the dining room wall. It took two attempts to achieve the ideal intensity of blue – a bold colour that matches the dark design outlines of the glass panel frames.


One of Serene’s favourite spots in this open-concept home is the living room, surrounded by some of her most treasured belongings.

Her books, which have journeyed with her from rental home to rental home, have finally found a permanent spot on a series of open shelves. The interior enthusiast even colour-coordinated her library, transforming it into an attractive focal point in the cosy space.

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