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Upscale twin houses in India connect via a central courtyard

This posh, contemporary residential estate by Studio Lotus is a master stroke in architectural ingenuity and exquisite, yet homely interior design.

Home Type: Landed house

Floor Area: 30,000sqft

Text by Angela Low

Nestled in the upscale neighbourhood of New Friends Colony in New Delhi are these twin houses, a contemporary masterpiece by Studio Lotus that makes a statement from the moment you lay eyes on it. Built from the ground up, this estate takes the form of two separate houses sharing the same plot. Due to the edifices’ close proximity to the highway, they sit deeper into the site than standard residences, which afford more privacy and a larger driveway.

Studio Lotus twin houses in India (4)

Boasting a bold simplicity, the architecture of the houses merges a stark yet elegant silhouette with sharp lines. Slender timber slats break the monotony of a white facade, and inject a sense of weightlessness to the monolithic structures. A series of bridges links the structures that function as distinct, individual homes. They also share an urban roof garden. To further enhance the unity of the twin houses, they’ve been designed to look inwards into a large central courtyard.

Studio Lotus twin houses in India

While the estate’s stark appearance allows it to stand out from surrounding foliage, it belies the aesthetic richness of the interiors. An ambience of quiet luxury permeates the twin houses, which predominantly follow a soothingly earthy colour scheme with an emphasis on neutral backdrops.

Studio Lotus twin houses in India (3)

Yet, the residences also make space for touches of flamboyance and striking motifs such as the monochrome diamond floor tiles of the foyer, which are slightly offset to draw the eyes. This dramatic feature provides a contemporary contrast to the colossal, more traditional-style works of art that occupy the space.

Studio Lotus twin houses in India (7)

The art pieces set the stage for one of the twin houses filled with towering abstract paintings and Alberto Giacometti-esque sculptures. In the living room, they play a more complementary role, harmonising beautifully with an eclectic yet refined cluster of sofas (comprising of a dark green chesterfield, a brownish-maroon couch, and a white loveseat with sharp angles and black trimmings).

Studio Lotus twin houses in India (6)

Another corner of the lounge area features a similarly diverse mix of furniture, which includes a sprawling, warm-toned sofa, a minimalist leather armchair, and another sofa upholstered in plaid, all of which encircles two mismatched coffee tables. Despite the asymmetry, each piece of the puzzle comes together to evoke a uniform atmosphere of warmth and homeliness.

Studio Lotus twin houses in India (2)

Studio Lotus incorporated posh finishes and materials, such as Gwalior Mint Sandstone wall panels, black-and-white marble wall inlays, brass elements, metal skirting and textured glass windows reminiscent of the Mondrian grid, to elevate the luxury of the inviting interiors. Rather than crowd the spaces with furnishings and excessive ornaments, the focus is on the little details that work to set the abode apart from the others, without overwhelming the interiors.

Studio Lotus twin houses in India (8)

Besides playing with bold patterns and prints juxtaposed with minimalist fixtures, one of the twin houses features rooms that experiment with colour as well. One of the highlights of the house is a lounge that combines a bright orange couch with a teal, textured feature wall with square panels, evoking the playful image of a chocolate bar. Bespoke furniture by Mangrove Collective and exquisite, handmade furnishings round out the design of this modern, art-infused property, creating a visual symphony of tranquillity and opulence.

Studio Lotus

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