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Mastering vertical space in a condo apartment

In this bright and airy condominium apartment, the team from Joey Khu ID capitalised on the double volume space by building a mezzanine floor.

Home Type: 2-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,200sqft

Text by Redzman Rahmat

To create an open-concept home, the designers reconfigured the kitchen. They removed the wall that connected the space and repositioned the bathroom entrance. Now, this newly renovated area has separate wet and dry kitchens, and even a pantry for additional storage.

vertical space Joey khu id

Not only does this apartment have a capacious 2.8-metre-high ceiling, it also boasts high windows that overlook lush greenery. The designers have ensured that the furniture and 
built-in carpentry do not obstruct the view. To further complement this sense
 of airiness, the designers opted for toned down colour and material palettes that provide a uniform look throughout the apartment.

vertical space Joey khu id

Since the common room on the first floor is now integrated into the living room, the designers built
 a ‘hanging’ guest room instead. The compact and cosy loft bed is suspended directly from the ceiling. Although the space is small, the designers likened it to a capsule hotel.

vertical space Joey khu id

The master bedroom sits on the mezzanine floor. Clean, unfettered and inspired 
by Japanese minimalism, this private space has an open loft concept and yet, remains separate from the communal areas on the first floor. The designers even built an adjoining study area complete with wall-to-wall wardrobe space.

vertical space Joey khu id

The homeowner often works from home, and one of the requirements of this renovation was to have a dedicated home office.
 To this end, the designers extended the mezzanine 
to form a study that enjoys an unobstructed view
 of the urban landscape. 
A 1.6-metre study table takes centrestage while the built-in wardrobe forms the backdrop. As with most of the home, display shelves are kept to a minimum so as to reduce visual clutter.

vertical space Joey khu id

Joey Khu ID

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