6 must-haves for the perfect bedroom

Renovating your bedroom? Invest in these 6 things to turn your bedroom into a comfortable sanctuary.

  • 6 must-haves for the perfect bedroom

  • 6 must-haves for the perfect bedroom

  • 6 must-haves for the perfect bedroom

  • 6 must-haves for the perfect bedroom

  • 6 must-haves for the perfect bedroom

  • 6 must-haves for the perfect bedroom

Text by Redzman Rahmat

Bring new meaning to the term ‘beauty sleep’ with stylish pieces that go beyond comfort and convenience. After all, a beautiful bedroom can do wonders for the mind, body and spirit.

#1 Bedside table 

The ubiquitous nightstand plays an understated role in your bedroom design. It holds your belongings when you go to sleep at night, and is the first thing you reach out to in the morning. You want a bedside table that’s reliable and quietly stylish, just like the Timeless table from King Living. With four quality timber veneers to choose from and an elegant aesthetic, this bedroom mainstay is a worthy addition to the home.

#2 Upholstered headboard

The soft and oversized Gent headboard from Boconcept transforms an ordinary bedroom into a plush and elegant space for rest and relaxation. Imagine comfortably leaning back on the fluffy, yet sturdy, headboard, without having to prop pillows behind your back. Measuring at 123cm by 220cm, this extra-large bed complement is compatible with bed frames that have a width of between 140cm to 180cm.

#3 Underbed storage

Keeping your bedroom clean and uncluttered is no easy feat. Ethnicraft Online‘s Nordic II Bed hopes to lighten the chore with four storage drawers built into its frame. Chuck your bedsheets, extra pillows and any other messes into the deep drawers to leave your bedroom spotless. The bed is available in either teak or oak, and in both king and queen sizes.

#4 Desk 

Dedicate a space in your bedroom where you can sit down and focus; whether it’s to put your makeup on in the mornings or working on your laptop after hours.  This Parisienne French Classic desk by Born in Colour is versatile enough to be a vanity desk, a study table, or even a console. It takes its design inspiration from the extravagant period of French classicism, reflected in the wainscoting accents, chrome knobs and distressed paint finishes.

#5 Suspended bed

Sleeping on a bed of clouds might be impossible, but this might just be the next best thing. Described as the world’s first suspended bed, Lago’s Fluttua is available at Prestige Furniture. It perpetuates the illusion that you’re sleeping on a bed that’s casually floating in mid-air. The cantilevered design is supported by a single height-adjustable leg that’s attached to the wall. Completing the look is the dramatic lighting that illuminates the bed’s underside.

#6 Rug 

The Shade rug is a handmade flat-weave rug that brings warmth to the bedroom with its bold diffusion of colour. There are four ombré palettes to choose from, each presenting a gradient effect that has been lovingly handwoven with technical precision. What looks like a simple design is actually the result of balanced density, regularity and fluidity, culminating in a rug that deserves a prime spot in the bedroom. The Shade rug from Nanimarquina is available at Grafunkt

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