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In Harmony

This 2,600-square feet cluster house was designed by The Interior Place to live up to its owner’s expectations.

Most people would think of dark colours and dimly lit rooms when they envision a warm and cosy home. The design firm however, wanted the element of light to be factored into this home, together with warm timber tones.

The living area is a perfect microcosm of all the design ideas that were implemented in the house. Stretching across an entire wall from the dining area to the living area is a single feature wall that sees two bands of laminates sandwiching a mirror band. All the elements that were chosen for both the living and dining areas follow a neutral colour scheme of beige, white and brown that is soothing and easy on the eyes.

Things take a more practical turn in the kitchen as the design team went with a white-based colour scheme accented by a warming grey backsplash. Glossy white cabinets ensure the room doesn’t appear too crammed despite the large amount of storage space eating into it.

Some of the most luxurious scenes in the home can be seen in the bedrooms. The master bedroom features plush padded cushions in a rich khaki colour and a wardrobe area that resembles a posh boutique with a designated jewellery stand.


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