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Designers create brilliant multipurpose space out of a small 2-bedroom condo apartment

Design firm The Interior Place make the most of a squeezy 2-room condo apartment with multipurpose storage space solutions

Home Type: 2-bedroom Condominium

Floor Area: 700 sqft

Design firm The Interior Place wanted to provide as much storage options as possible in this 2-bedroom apartment. Their plan was to create multipurpose rooms that are chock-full of hidden storage. At the same time, built-in furniture would be tailor-made for each space.

One of the main ideas that the design team came up with is to create a raised platform in the master bedroom. Flip-up panels and pull-out drawers are built into the platform and provide storage for bulky items like extra bedding and clothes. Instead of plain white, the designers used a generous amount of wood grains in the design. These linear patterns can naturally draw the eyes down its length, subtly emphasising the width of a room.

Built-in carpentry is a great way to maximise what space you have, and The Interior Place designers are experts at making sure that every inch of space is put to good use. The design team practices this in the living area. By customising the console and display cabinet, they managed to make the most out of the tight corners and crammed spaces. Even the short hallway next to the living room has been repurposed into a study corner simply with a built-in study desk and storage shelves.

In the other bedroom, the designers proposed a multifunctional space that is easy to use and maintain. The wall has a flip-down murphy bed that can be neatly tucked away when not in use. This nifty trick means that when it is not used for sleeping, this room can be used as a study room. The bay window – a design feature that is often regarded as a waste of space – has also been turned into a study table.


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