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This beautiful showroom offers some serious home inspo

Using their beautiful showroom as an example, M Atelier inspires homeowners with ideas they can use in their own homes.

Home Type: Showroom

Floor Area: 1,000sqft

Text by Disa Tan

While it is common practice for homeowners to compile moodboards of the designs they love, visiting a beautiful showroom or showflat offers the tangible experience of seeing actual design ideas up close. To put together an authentic experience for their clients, Director Megan Zhang and her team from M Atelier worked in plenty of stylish and savvy design solutions into their beautiful showroom and office. She says: “To reflect our passion for interior design, we made full use of the showroom to showcase our design expression and philosophy.”

beautiful showroom M Atelier

With the meeting area located next to the balcony, daylight floods into this communal area and accentuates the cosiness of this low-rise space. Says Megan: “The bench seat is integrated within the platform steps, which makes for an interesting design feature.” Also serving a dual purpose is the display ledge, which acts as a half-wall for the semi open-concept Director’s Room.

beautiful showroom M Atelier

The Director’s Room, which overlooks the cosy meeting area, is an inviting space with many of the creature comforts of home. “We clad the floors with timber-effect floor tiles,” says Megan. A darker wood finish is then applied to the cabinetry. For a sleek contrast against the faux wood flooring and custom carpentry, the designers have incorporated a Volakas white marble tabletop for the Director’s table, tall open display shelves with cove lighting, and tinted mirror strips. A daybed, which serves as additional seating, has also been installed, and this allows their clients to better envision how the bay window seat could appear in their own home.

beautiful showroom M Atelier

While the design team faced challenges with the high ceilings and lack of natural light, they managed to create a show kitchen that emulates the real thing. The multi-faceted material mix of textured subway tiles and wood-effect and matte white laminate finishes fills the lofty kitchen wall with a good balance of panache and practicality. The island counter features a quartz countertop and for the perfect finishing touch, the team embellished the kitchen cabinets with gold handles for a touch of elegance.

beautiful showroom M Atelier

For the other meeting area, a long table can accommodate bigger groups and also works as a full-fledged dining area. The team utilised clear mirror panels outlined by white trimmings to draw out the illusion of gorgeous French windows. “This adds depth and dimension to the otherwise flat-looking walls,” says Megan. At one end, full-height cabinetry is artfully concealed by timber strips, and illuminated at the top and bottom by cove lighting.

beautiful showroom M Atelier

M Atelier

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