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Glamorous cluster house with statement-making designs

The designers from The Interior Place worked interesting finishes and features into a modern-contemporary scheme, resulting in a luxurious family home with visual surprises throughout.

Text by Disa Tan

Project Manager Roy and Senior Designer Min Dee from The Interior Place took charge of the transformation of this home for a family of five. For the living area, they tried to retain the existing marble flooring as requested by the homeowners, but it had unsalvageable crack lines. “In the end, doing away with the existing and installing new flooring was one of the highlights of the renovation,” says Min Dee. “This new, carefully selected marble flooring complements the modern interior perfectly.”

Glamorous cluster house

The dining area and kitchen are set in the same confines, with an open-concept design. “We wanted to break away from the classic kitchen layout and having the kitchen and dining area share the same space uses up less floor area,” Min Dee says. However, to zone the two areas, different flooring is used: monochromatic patterned tiles help to visually segregate the kitchen from the dining area.

glamorous cluster house

Located in the basement is the study, which features a fun splash of camo prints. The designers utilised customised digital print wallpaper to achieve this cool, edgy effect. They also installed glass doors to separate the study from the children’s play area. “Natural lighting is quite limited in the basement,” says Roy. “Glass doors work well in enhancing the light and still maintains the privacy in each area.

glamorous cluster house

The bathrooms on the second floor each boast unique styles that warrant a second look. The one on the left is clad in coloured patterned tiles and is fitted with a barnyard-inspired sliding door. The other bathroom is an open-concept space with a soothing colour palette and ambient lighting. Roy says: “We proposed vinyl flooring for the dry zone of this bathroom, which is quite an interesting material for the bathroom.”

glamorous cluster house

A mix of laminates, tinted mirrors and faux-leather padded panels dress up the walls of the master bedroom. The headboard features a quilted design, which emphasises the ceiling height. Besides the modern aesthetics, the designers addressed the storage needs of the homeowners through custom-made furniture. A vanity is integrated within the wardrobe, and with it comes a generous capacity of storage compartments.

glamorous cluster house

The Interior Place


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