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Bold pops of colour give this home a unique spin

Each room in this HDB flat designed by I.D.I.D sports its own colour palette, lending a quirky and eclectic flair to the interiors.

Home Type: 4-room HDB BTO flat

Floor Area: 1,100sqft

Text by Redzman Rahmat

One of the most effective ways to bring life into a home is to use colours. In this 4-room BTO flat, interior design firm I.D.I.D used pops of colours in choice areas of the home to create a wonderfully eclectic interior. Each room has its own identity and the design team managed to showcase that individuality with a distinct use of colour and texture.

pop of colour in HDB living room by I.D.I.D

The living room is defined by a bold shade of forest green. This colour is seen on the wall behind the sofa, and it sets the tone for the entire home. When combined with the spotlights directed at the wall, this coloured expanse looks like a simple yet effective work of art.

pop of colour in HDB living room details by I.D.I.D

Also in the living room is a customised display case, sitting just next to the front door. Here is where the homeowners can proudly showcase their collection of knick-knacks. The wall behind this shelf has also been painted forest green, forming a visual link to the living room feature wall. Similarly, tracklights are directed towards this wall, illuminating the display cabinet and adding drama to the space.

pop of colour in HDB shoe closet by I.D.I.D

To maximise the use of floor space in this HDB flat, the design team fitted the foyer and its walkway with a narrow, yet ultra-functional storage solution. The entrance to the household shelter is now concealed by a mirrored door, creating a flushed and seamless corridor. But more importantly, this door opens up to reveal a shoe cabinet, built into the back of the swing-out door.

pop of colour in HDB dining by I.D.I.D

By tearing down the entrance of the kitchen, the designers managed to create a combined cooking-and-dining space. This open concept makes the home feel larger and more welcoming. Here, a monochromatic black and white colour combination takes precedence, and lends a classy look to the space.

pop of colour in HDB kitchen by I.D.I.D

The kitchen features an L-shaped counter, but is also complemented by a matching sideboard next to the refrigerator. This offers plenty of storage, including the ceiling-high, all-white upper cabinets. The lower cabinets are finished in matte black fronts and serve as a nice contrast to the white kitchen.

pop of colour in HDB bedroom by I.D.I.D

Royal blue is the defining colour in the master bedroom. This particular shade of blue evokes feelings of grandeur and luxury, ideal for a room fit for a king and queen. The customised wardrobe sports an even darker shade of blue on its front and makes the room look even more enticing.


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