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860sqft condo made bigger with an open-plan living space

Pushing through the boundaries of space, the Design 4 Space designers delivered a sophisticated and spacious-looking home that now affords plenty of natural light.

Home Type: 2-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 860sqft

Text by Disa Tan

86 Jellicoe Rd open-plan condo by Design 4 Space

Aware of the space limitations in this petite condominium unit, the Design 4 Space team were briefed to create a well-lit and free-flowing communal zone. Establishing the natural light path in this shared space was therefore imperative, and they managed to do so by hacking away the boundary walls. This opened up both the living area and kitchen considerably and the open-plan cookspace works well with the fuss-free lifestyle of the homeowners as well.

86 Jellicoe Rd open-plan condo kitchen and entrance by Design 4 Space

Demolishing the store room has worked wonders in opening up the previously cramped kitchen. To better define the cookspace from the connected communal zones, wood-look tiles are laid on the kitchen floor. This helps bring some warmth into the all-white space.

86 Jellicoe Rd open-plan condo kitchen by Design 4 Space

A beautiful quartz backsplash frames the showroom-worthy open-concept kitchen. The regal beauty of this seamless marble-effect pattern also weaves in textural interest that complements the all-white kitchen cabinets and island counter. Tying the look together, or rather adding on to the visual drama are two black pendants that hang above the kitchen island.

86 Jellicoe Rd open-plan condo bedroom by Design 4 Space

The master bedroom adheres to an all-white colour scheme. Even though the entire room is mostly swathed in white, it does not look cold or stark. With wood-effect flooring grounding the space and metallic accents such as the gold chandelier, the room feels cosy and spacious with a touch of elegance.

86 Jellicoe Rd open-plan condo bathroom by Design 4 Space

Sleek design plays up the modern luxury style of the master bathroom. The mild steel powder coated frame and matching handle bar in black outline the shower stall and demarcate it from the dry zone. Another design highlight is the marble-effect flooring and wall tiles. With all that, the Design 4 Space team has transformed the bathroom into a dreamy spa-inspired space.

Design 4 Space

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