We bet you’ll want to sink into these sofa beds

We list down some of the most comfortable sofa beds that not only maximise space but also up the style ante in your household.

We bet you’ll want to sink into these sofa beds
Sofa beds can have a bad reputation. Fulfilling two major functions (sitting and sleeping) may mean that it compromises on some of its functionalities. But there’s no denying that a sofa bed is a great investment for homes that are lacking in space. They’re great in studio apartments, micro apartments, or multi-purpose rooms (a lounge room that converts into a spare bedroom, for example). Here, we picked some of our favourite sofa beds that are functional, stylish and super comfortable. By Arman Shah
Felix Studio Bed

King Living - Felix Studio Bed 02

King Living - Felix Studio Bed 03

Part of King Living’s Metro Range that features compact furniture for apartment living, the Felix Studio Bed is a prime example of how you can make space-friendly decisions without compromising on style. It boasts a low slimline design and tufted cushion for a comfortable sitting experience. It even features pockets for convenient storage of magazines and electronic devices – you don’t have to drive yourself crazy trying to find the remote control now.

From King Living

Stockholm Sofa Sleeper

Bo Concept - Stockholm Sofa Sleeper 02

Bo Concept - Stockholm Sofa Sleeper 03

Much thought went into the design of this sofa sleeper from BoConcept. Not only can it be converted into a single or double bed for guests who are spending the night, it also boasts a storage unit that’s ideal for keeping those sheets and duvets out of sight. You don’t even have to worry about keeping the cushions neatly in place when unfolding the sofa bed because they’re attached to the main body – very well-conceptualised.

From BoConcept

Fonda Sofa Bed


OM - Fonda Sofa Bed 01

OM - Fonda Sofa Bed 02

There’s a brilliance in the simplicity of the Fonda Sofa Bed. Converting it from a single-seater to a comfortable bed requires effortless unfolding on your part, making it an ideal choice for those who hate making their beds first thing in the morning. It’s available in deep grey, deep brown and azure blue, but we personally like the vibrant shade of orange that can brighten up any living space.

From OM



Lifestorey - Jason 01

Lifestorey - Jason 02

Conceptualised by Danish design team Busk + Hertzog for furniture company Softline, Jason is a beautiful piece of furniture serving a hybrid function. It features a top quality mattress and a high backrest with delicate round corners, making it perfect for entertaining guests in the day and sleeping on at night. You have the option of choosing your desired combination of materials, fabrics and colours.

From Lifestorey



Comfort Furniture - Rosberg 01

Comfort Furniture - Rosberg 03

The user-friendly Rosberg Sofa Bed illustrates how Comfort Furniture stays true to its mission of creating furniture that’s “more than just tables and chairs”. Designed for one, it transforms from a single-seater to a sleeping unit with a simple unfolding action. Quality rest is guaranteed thanks to the thickness of the cushion that makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cluster of fluffy white clouds. Available in Navy Blue or Coral Pink.

From Comfort Furniture


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