Water Heaters by Citygas

City Gas provides gas water heaters that are reliable and environment-friendly.

Water Heaters by Citygas

What better way to wash away the day’s troubles than with a long, hot shower? Helping you out are water heaters from City Gas.

These water heaters from City Gas are powered by gas to give you well-heated water in a safe, efficient and reliable way. City Gas water heaters are available in a variety of models specially tailored for HDB homes and tested to the EN26 standard by TÃœV SÃœV PSB Singapore.

With these heaters, one heater unit is all you need to supply to multiple outlets. So even if you have a large family, you will never run out of hot water. At the same time, you do not have to wait for the water to warm up – the water heater has a digital output display with intuitive features, resulting to on-demand supply at the exact temperature you desire.


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