The textured geometric Trame tiles will give your home a chic update

Using geometric forms, subtle texture and tone-on-tone effects, these Italian tiles let you easily create striking and impressive interiors.

  • The textured geometric Trame tiles will give your home a chic update

  • The textured geometric Trame tiles will give your home a chic update

Text by Louisa Clare Lim

When designing your home, a beautiful space calls for a good foundation that will stand the test of time, and yet remain relevant in face of changing times and trends. Place your bets on durable and ever-stylish tiles of good quality – such as the new Trame tile collection by Italian brand Lea Ceramiche. Available at Hafary, the Trame tiles will have you creating chic interior spaces that will soothe and rejuvenate the senses.

Hafary trame canvas

The design of Trame plays up geometric forms and optical illusions, subtle texture that’s pleasing to the touch, and tone-on-tone effects – all while embracing the beauty of a natural aesthetic. Three textures evoke this: Plaster, gently structured and yet organically composed; Matter, portraying the gritty, polished rawness of cement; and Canvas, mirroring the soft creases and granularity of a plain-woven fabric.


Trame is a collection consisting of large tiles and smaller geometric tiles, which work harmoniously together or tastefully on their own. Create an elegant unicoloured backdrop to layer upon, or fashion an eye-popping 3D geometric tessellation that gives your space a life of its own. For the Cube series, you can even play with permutations, and mix and match between the three different textures and various colours for your own original tactile composition!

hafary trame pattern

Making use of simple shapes to form clever “modular” designs, the collection is an innovation in design that ticks both the form and function boxes. It can be applied both indoors and outdoors. Sporting hushed neutral tones, it captivates nonetheless with striking definition.


The Trame tile collection is available at Hafary, in a range of colour gradations that bring out the three textures exquisitely. Use the diamond-shape pieces to create geometric features, or the large 90cm square tiles to clad larger surface areas. Hafary is a market leader in tiles and other material surfaces. Besides the new Trame tile collection, the brand also offers plenty of options that suit different needs and styles. See for yourself at one of its showrooms.


The Cube series is available in all three surface selections, while the other designs are available in Canvas. View the Trame tile collection at Hafary, Tel: 6250 1368,,


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