New Online Shop, HomeShopping

Enjoy up to 60% off at new online shopping portal, HomeShopping

New Online Shop, HomeShopping

Imagine sitting at home, surfing the Internet and finally picking out the perfect bed to put in your still-unfurnished guestroom. Shopping is, undeniably, one of Singaporeans’ greatest guilty pleasures, and new online shopping portal HomeShopping is here to make the experience even more enjoyable. 

Whether you’re looking for a new sofa, the latest home theatre system or even a unique outfit, you can find it on HomeShopping without having to leave your bedroom. As the online portal grows, expect to see a whole new range of services, including Home Repairs, Food Services, Wedding Services, and even Personal Services like beauty treatments and spas.

During the Great Singapore Sale, HomeShopping is offering discounts of up to 60%.


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