IKEA 365+ Dinnerware Series Updates The Basics

IKEA’s 365+ series of tableware and dinnerware are flexible, versatile and casual

IKEA 365+ Dinnerware Series Updates The Basics

When it comes to tableware and dinnerware, sometimes we just want to go back to basics. Forget fancy colours and distracting designs, we just want dishes and cutlery that are flexible, versatile and casual. The IKEA 365+ series is designed to meet these needs, offering affordable tableware for everyday needs in limited spaces.


We love how the plates, bowls, glasses and cookware are stripped down to their bare essentials and can be used for all sorts of food, in almost any situations. With our new eating habits – dining on the couch or next to the computer, or using a single plate for multiple dishes – IKEA has taken into account our modern lifestyles and incorporated it into the redesign of the 365+ series.


Bowls are easier to grip so you can transport them across the room, deep plates have higher rims so you can hold them with one hand and each piece is fully stackable so storage is never an issue.

The 365+ Series of diningware and cookware is available at IKEA.



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