Exquisite Knief & Co. Bathtubs from Sansei

Sansei adds another feather on its cap with its latest imported brand of exquisite bathtubs.

Exquisite Knief & Co. Bathtubs from Sansei

Time and again, Sansei Singapura affirms the belief that the bathroom is a highly personal space. Working on the notion that there is more to its rudimentary and routinely purpose, the company has been pushing the boundaries involving the concept of a bathroom and its fixtures since 1967. They continuously acquire leading international brands with high quality and functionality, but also, with elevated designs that inspire. Joining their list, is Knief & Co. GmbH.

Originating from Germany, Knief & Co. has a product portfolio that spans from bathtubs and spas to glass tiles and stone products. Exerting a curatorial-like focus, Sansei specifically brings in their primary product of freestanding bathtubs called the Aqua Plus series. Not simply to add a line of tubs to its range, one obvious good reason for Sansei importing this is the graceful, sculptural quality of these tubs.


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