DecoTalk from Star Furniture

The DecoTalk furniture collection is made from reclaimed teak wood from Central Java

  • DecoTalk from Star Furniture

  • DecoTalk from Star Furniture

What was old is new again, thanks to Star Furniture’s DecoTalk collection. The furniture and home accessories in this collection are made from new and recycled teak wood from old houses in Central Java.

Teak wood, renowned for its ability to withstand hot and humid weather, was a popular choice for building houses. The Javanese built these grand houses up to 150 years ago, with two to three generations staying under the same roof. In modern times, the Javanese now build homes out of concrete and brick to withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters.

The abandoned teak wood is recycled and converted into furniture pieces. The weathered look of the wood highlights the unique personality of each individual pieces, as evident in the DecoTalk collection. From one-of-a-kind coffee tables to history-laden stools, these are furniture pieces that will highlight a homeowner’s individuality.

Since there is only a limited supply of recycled teak wood, the DecoTalk collection from Star Furniture is available in limited supply.


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