Blue and Red Water Systems from Grohe

The innovative Grohe Red and Grohe Blue water systems are two convenient household helpers

Blue and Red Water Systems from Grohe

Stylish home chefs are always on the lookout for innovative systems that can make the kitchen experience more convenient and enjoyable. With Grohe’s two water systems, you get greater convenience with minimum effort.

The Grohe Blue system supplies freshly filtered and chilled water, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing drink of water straight from the tap. The integral filter unit reduces water hardness and removes the smallest particles and undesirable odours and aromas. Grohe Blue also caters to all preferences: whether you like your water cold or chilled, sparkling or still. 
Complementing the Blue system is Grohe Red, a faucet that provides boiling hot water at your convenience. Forget the irritation of waiting for the kettle to boil as the system is designed to offer the luxury of boiling-hot water on-demand. Make tea, pasta and blanched vegetables in an instant. 


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