Kitchen multitasking at its finest with the BLANCOCULINA-S II mixer tap

Designed for sleek efficiency, the latest BLANCOCULINA-S II mixer tap from BLANCO operates hands-free for an even smoother kitchen routine.

  • Kitchen multitasking at its finest with the BLANCOCULINA-S II mixer tap

Text by Disa Tan

Everyone could use more help in the kitchen, and this is especially the case for busy households. Streamlining kitchen duties effortlessly into one truly innovative sink system is the BLANCO UNIT. Now, BLANCO has launched the next generation of their popular BLANCOCULINA-S kitchen mixer tap series. When combined with the BLANCO UNIT, the latest BLANCOCULINA-S II mixer tap is set to take multitasking in the kitchen to new heights. Discover how this semi-professional mixer tap brings convenience and a stylish appeal to your daily kitchen needs.


Hands-free washups

Equipped with touchless sensors, the mixer tap can be activated by waving your hand next to it. The water flows constantly in a slightly reduced mode specially designed for washing hands and preparing food to save water, and can be stopped with a further wave of the hand or automatically after 90 seconds. With these contactless sensors, no finger spots, germs or dirt are left behind on the tap.


Handy pot filler sensor

There’s a second sensor at the bottom of the tap arm which detects objects, like a pot, underneath it. It will proceed to release water by opening the valves so you can fill up large vessels like coffee pots or kettles conveniently. As soon as you remove the object, the water flow stops immediately.

A striking statement piece

Besides the delightfully convenient hands-free experience, the BLANCOCULINA-S II exudes sophistication with its new design elements. One of the highlights is the elegant dark inlays on its operating lever and tap body that set a stylish tone for your sink area. The understated beauty of the shower holder also adds to its elegance. The mixer tap is available in three gorgeous finishes: PVD steel, black matt and a brand new satin dark steel colour.

Impeccable colour pairings

For the best sink style match with the BLANCOCULINA-S II, opt for BLANCO’s innovative steel material finish Dark Steel. Available in BLANCO’s ZEROX or CLARON bowl ranges, the sink material surface comes with a velvety soft texture that you will love, as it does not feel like cold metal to the touch. For something with colour, go for BLANCO’s SILGRANIT shades available in warm neutrals or classic white. This high-performance series is made of a composite material of around 80 per cent quartz sand, making it one of the most robust and long-lasting materials for kitchen sinks.

Whichever colour pairings chosen for the BLANCOCULINA-S II, this remarkable mixer tap is sure to make your kitchen a more efficient and enjoyable space to cook in.


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