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The benefits of an ergonomic slatted bed base

We all want a good night’s slumber. If you haven’t been getting any, a European Bedding ergonomic slatted bed base for your mattress is the answer to great sleep.

Text by Sandra Campbell

While some people claim a good mattress is all that counts, a bed base takes comfort and support for the body to the next level and increases the durability of a mattress. Ergonomically slatted bed base, in particular, is best for those with back problems.

European Bedding ergonomic slatted bed base king size (2)

European Bedding’s ergonomic slatted bed base provides adequate support the lower back – the main problem zone for many with the classic problem of a bulging disc or a slipped disc between discs L4 and L5 – by ensuring the spinal column cannot sag at this sensitive area. Additionally, it keeps the middle and higher back sections in a straight line if you sleep on your side, and adjust to the shape of your back if you sleep on your back.

European Bedding ergonomic slatted bed base sliders

Made from FSC-certified beechwood, the bed base comprises flexible slats attached to Hytrel or rubber holders in the frame, that respond to the body’s natural contours and balance out spinal pressure. It also has a comfortable shoulder zone with softer suspension for better spinal alignment. Plus, the firmness of lumbar and hip regions are adjustable; simply reposition the sliders according to your sleeping position.

European Bedding ergonomic slatted bed base with mattress

European Bedding carries King, Queen and Single ergonomic slatted bed bases for both Singapore and European mattress sizes. For the king or queen, both halves are adjusted independently to suit the individual needs of you and your partner. There are skirtings and headboards in grey and beige, too. Whether you prefer the complete package with legs, skirting and headboard or as a drop-in into existing bed frame (sans legs, skirting and headboard), the ergonomic slatted bed base makes the perfect foundation for your mattress.

European Bedding ergonomic slatted bed base motorised (2)

There’s even a motorised adjustable slatted bed base (reclinable) version. With just a press of the button, the most comfortable bed turns into a fully adjustable recliner, with adjustable positions at three different sections. Sleeping has never been so comfortable and customisable.

European Bedding

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