3 Reasons to Check Out KCUBE Singapore

KCUBE Singapore is the new kid on the block, offering kitchens and wardrobes that you can customise to your lifestyle and habits

3 Reasons to Check Out KCUBE Singapore

There’s a new one-stop shopping destination to visit if you’re thinking of renovating your home. KCUBE Singapore is the new kid on the block, offering kitchens and wardrobes that you can customise to your lifestyle and habits. We love how you can mix and match the modular pieces to create your very own dream kitchen or wardrobe. Here are 3 more reasons to visit KCUBE.


1. Customised to fit your space

The size and layout of your kitchen may look exactly like your neighbour’s, but that shouldn’t mean that both of you should have the same kitchen design. After all, your home should be designed to meed your needs and lifestyle habits. KCUBE has a range of modular kitchens (and wardrobes) that are ideal for 3-, 4- and 5-room homes. You have the freedom to customise your kitchen so it not only fits the space that you have, but also your personality.




2. Work with the experts

KCUBE specialises in the customisation of carpentry, meaning you won’t be disappointed with the company’s level of quality and attention to detail. The specialists offer the opportunity to design your kitchen and wardrobes from scratch, taking into account your choice of material, colour, size and space specifications. We like how each piece is handmade with expert care that always results in quality solutions.




3. A modular design you can work with

In KCUBE, the kitchen specialists design its modular kitchens on the principles of the work triangle (the Cooking Zone, Cleaning Zone and Storage Zone), promising an efficient workspace. Depending on your kitchen layout, KCUBE will suggest a kitchen design that suits you best. The Straight Kitchen is made up of a single wall of cabinets, including the storage, cooking and washing areas. The U or C Shape Kitchen facilitates the workflow, and works best for homes with walls that are at least 9 feet apart. In the L Shape Kitchen, two adjacent walls form a natural work triangle that can be easily achieved in most homes. The Parallel Kitchen lines two walls with counters and cabinets, and helps you to maximise the space in long kitchens. At KCUBE, you’ll be presented with these options so you can see which layout works best in your home.


The KCUBE showroom is located at 25 New Industrial Road, #01-01, KHL Building, Singapore 536211. For more information, call 6506 6917, check out their Facebook page, or visit their website


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