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The beauty of the English colonial style comes to life in this 3-bedroom apartment

The D’ Initial designers replicated the beauty and sophistication of the colonial English style in this 3-bedroom apartment for a family of four.

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 2,100 sqft

The designers from interior design firm D’ Initial Concept replicated the beauty and sophistication of the colonial English style in this 3-bedroom apartment for a family of four. The look is highly detailed and emanates warmth and cosiness, providing a welcome respite to the entire family. Colonial-era accents grace the cavernous communal room. Manager Ashley Loh from D’Initial elaborates, “We expanded the living area by merging the balcony with the communal area.” Combining these two spaces also enhanced the flow of natural light, from the balcony windows into the living room.

The balcony itself has a drop ceiling that’s lower than the other rooms’, so Ashley knew she had to naturally balance the height. The solution: faux ceiling beams with a woodgrain finish. These rafters line the ceiling and help mask the uneven height. It also lends to the aesthetic of a colonial-era home, and is further complemented by full-height cabinetry with classy, white panelling.

Over in the dining area, the designers continued the charming English vibe, but made sure that practicality and functionality play important roles in the design. The booth seat, for example, conceals the fuse box on one side and shoe cabinet on the other. Completing the picture of poise and elegance are the matching laminate backs found behind the booth seat.

For the same light-enhancing touch, the kitchen’s boundary wall was taken down and replaced with swing-out glass doors. The large cookspace also hosts a beautiful combination of quartz countertops, a tiled backsplash with natural stone patterns, grey laminate counters and cabinetry that sport mouldings similar to those in the communal areas. Floor tiles with woodgrain patterns are laid out in a diagonal layout to contrast the streamlined order of the kitchen cabinetry.

The guest bedroom embodies the concept of flexible spaces with an integrated Murphy bed. When not in use, the bed can be tucked away neatly within the custom-built cabinetry. Navy blue wardrobe doors set the scene for a restful sleep, while brass lion-head knockers add that grand yet whimsical touch to the space.


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