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New Nostalgia by Linear Space Concepts

Linear Space Concepts describes this 4-room HDB as a “modern kampong” with a “raw and simple look”

Home Type: 4-room HDB

Floor Area: 1,000 sqft


Let’s face it, not many Singaporeans are game enough to explore new, unique or unconventional interior designs for their home. After all, we’re paying a lot of money to renovate and design our homes, and we would rather be safe than sorry. So it’s understandable that homeowners feel more comfortable with a tried and tested design. The couple staying in this four-room HDB flat however, were bold enough to to try something different with the help of interior design firm Linear Space Concepts. The designer describes the home as having a “raw and simple look” with a twist of nostalgia thrown into the mix. The result is a “modern kampong” look that bears the laidback charm of kampong days, coupled with modern convenience and design aesthetic.

The HDB flat is a clean, white shell bursting with textures and custom designs. For example, instead of a bulky, space-hogging feature wall, Marc left the space pristine and fuss-free. The wall behind the television set has been given a special treatment that gives it a deconstructed look. By using power tools, the designer drilled and hacked holes into the wall to give it a shattered look, as if it had “gone through a war”. Other customised designs in this home include the shoe cabinet (which looks like abandoned wooden crates) and the strings of hanging lights over the dining table.


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