Modern luxury in this executive condo home

The design of this executive condominium apartment thoughtfully balances quality materials, designer furniture and custom carpentry for a modern luxurious look.

  • Modern luxury in this executive condo home

Home Type: 3-bedroom executive condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,119 sqft

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Balancing the budget and design is always a concern for any homeowner, but Altered Interior has skilfully done this in the design of this three-bedroom executive condominium unit. The designers gave the home a sense of opulence and sophistication, without breaking the bank.

One of the most effective design tricks in achieving good design in a home is to curate the use of materials. In the living area, the designers used tinted mirror, wallcoverings and laminates to paint a picture of contemporary elegance. Equally important is the use of colours – in this case, black, taupe and other natural shades bring glamour to the space.

altered interior showcase dining

The design team wanted to fully utilise the home’s floor area, so the dining table is placed in the spacious balcony. The shaded balcony serves as an alfresco dining area that the family can gather comfortably in. Durable and stylish indoor-outdoor furniture was selected for this space.


This apartment enjoys views of the condominium swimming pool, and the designers wanted to take advantage of the peaceful vista. In the home office, by placing the desk next to the window, the homeowners can work from home while enjoying the scenery. Customised carpentry with ample storage space keeps essential within convenient reach.


In the master bedroom, sumptuous fabrics lend an air of luxury to the sleeping space. Paired with a light colour palette, the room appears extra glamorous and inviting.

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