Japandi-inspired design done right in this HDB flat

With its light wood carpentry, terazzo floors and fluted glass panels, this HDB flat showcases Parenthesis’ knack for designing calming yet creative spaces.

  • Japandi-inspired design done right in this HDB flat

  • Japandi-inspired design done right in this HDB flat

  • Japandi-inspired design done right in this HDB flat

Home Type: 5-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,302sqft

Text by Asih Jenie

This sun-drenched, river-facing BTO flat is home to a couple that enjoys hosting craft workshops. As such, it’s only natural that the interior design is reflective of the owners’ sense of style and creativity. This Japandi abode flawlessly combines the warmth of Scandinavian design and the Zen simplicity of Japanese design, with a minimal material palette and clever spatial organisation.

Japandi home | Parenthesis - overall

“We love woods that are of mid to light tone – birch, cherry wood and oak. We were also looking to have terrazzo in the house,” said the owners, who are lovers of Scandinavian and Japanese design. Recreating the unpretentious Japandi feel while keeping the cost low, design studio Parenthesis used hardwood ply and raw veneer for the carpentry. Meanwhile, floor materials demarcate zones: terrazzo for communal areas, hardwood for private spaces, and green tiles for wet areas.

Japandi home | Parenthesis - dining

In lieu of a conventional dining table, a casual bar counter becomes the centrepiece of the dining area, which mediates the kitchen and the craft room. Both are demarcated by sliding doors with fluted glass panels – a nod to Japanese shoji doors. The rooms can be slid open to create one roomy communal space during workshops.

Japandi home | Parenthesis - kitchen

The fluted glass sliding doors create a feel of symmetry and bring light to the deepest part of the kitchen. The formal dining table is shifted closer to the living area and becomes its second social node. The terrazzo floor anchors the space and adds visual texture while the walls are left undecorated for the owners to showcase their poster and photograph collections.


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