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Different Strokes by Momo & Partners

By contrasting ‘warm and cosy’ with ‘cold and hard’, this terrace house succeeds in creating interesting interiors that remain easy to maintain

Home Type: Terrace house

Floor Area: 4,000 sqft

When it comes to renovating your home, the general rule is to pick a style that you love that is accessible and easy on the eyes. But the owners of this terrace house wanted something a little different. With the help of interior design firm Momo & Partners, this home proudly embraces conflicting dichotomies. A giddy mix of textures, colours and hardiness come together to result in a home that wouldn’t look out of place in international cities.

The biggest example of contrast in this home is the “warm and cosy” versus “cold and hard”. You can see the contrast in the choice of materials: exposed concrete ceilings matched with smooth tiled floors, rough granite wall matched with hardwood surfaces.

The living area has been renovated to achieve an airier layout that merges with with dining and kitchen spaces into one large, open space. Smack in the middle of the first floor is a granite wall that acts as a backdrop to the living room, and affords some privacy to the kitchen. Surrounding the dining hall are walls made from thin, vertical strips of rosewood. These walls aren’t just for show, they actually hide the entrances to the storeroom and the elderly parents’ bedroom. On the upper levels of this terrace house, the designers matched light glass with dark wood.

It’s not often that an interior design can successfully merge conflicting styles. Dark and light, hard and soft, warm and cold – these dichotomies come together in one harmonious home.


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