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An urban warehouse apartment with a stylish balcony garden

A vertical garden is an essential component of this urban apartment in Melbourne, home to an artist who has an appreciation for home cooking.

Home Type: Warehouse apartment in Melbourne

Text by Sandra Tan

Photography by Christine Francis


Multidisciplinary artist Ryan Foote‘s Melbourne home is a warehouse apartment, which he purchased 10 years ago. He was intent on renovating the “horrible” nineties interior, and designed his new abode around three key features: a generous dining table, a functional kitchen, and a vertical garden.

modern apartment balcony garden ryan l foote

“The dining table is so important. I wanted my guests to face each other and the food,” says Ryan, who gained an appreciation for home cooking after his stint in Paris.

Ryan is a professional artist whose works have been exhibited and commissioned internationally. His work incorporates themes as wide-ranging as politics and cultural identity, articulated through creative processes inspired by geology, gastronomy, fashion, architecture and biomimicry.


modern apartment balcony garden ryan l foote

On the balcony, Ryan’s vertical garden creates a green threshold to the street below. “I love being able to get my hands dirty, even though I live in the city – a different type of dirt to what I’m used to in the workshop.” His handmade pots, in the shape of clustered root vegetables, are maintained and replanted with seasonal crops, in tune with natural cycles.


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