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A simple design and restful feel in this 3-bedroom condo

Renovated for $35,000 this 3-bedroom condominium features light wood tones and simple, functional aesthetics.

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium apartment

Floor Area: 1,010 sqft

Text by Louisa Clare Lim


Kelvin Liao wanted a “Muji-zen vibe” for his home, as he wanted to return every day to a restful and soothing abode. The bachelor, who’s in his 30s, engaged interior designer Emily Chang to help him with a simple, functional $35,000 renovation that maximised space and natural lighting.


kelvin home entrance

Uncomplicated changes were made that significantly improved the spatial flow and visual appeal of the interiors. Structural alternations included creating an entrance foyer, by constructing a partition with a pegboard surface on one side. “This allows me to put up any installation, in a flexible way, and blocks visitors from seeing directly into the apartment upon entering – for an element of surprise,” says Kelvin.


kelvin home dining nook

Behind the partition, a dining nook was installed. Three cantilevered rectangular blocks form a cosy area for two.

Emily also added a sliding panel to separate the living area and corridor leading to the rooms. This gives the space more dimension, hinting at more interior depth beyond, as well as helps Kelvin save electricity by having to cool down (using air conditioning) a smaller area.



Zoning off the living area is the study table (or a larger dining table that accommodates more guests), which integrates the work area with the living – for a more social and casual feel.

This is Kelvin’s favourite part of the home, he tells, as this is where everything – work, entertainment, food – comes together.


kelvin home study

To create a more open feel for the study and lounge, the wall separating it from the corridor was demolished and replaced with glass panels framed with timber. This greatly enhanced the walkway, allowing ample natural light into the otherwise dim area.



In the master bedroom, another sliding panel separates the sleeping area from the dressing area. Two existing bedrooms were combined to create this bigger bedroom, with plenty of storage space installed.



To keep things uniformed and visually uncluttered, all the built-in carpentry was finished with wood-tone laminate and loose furniture with mainly oakwood frames were selected. Walls were kept in pale, neutral shades, allowing the light wood tones to subtly define the spaces of the home.


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