What makes an office chair “ergonomic”?

Looking for an ergonomic chair? This is what you should look out for.

What makes an office chair “ergonomic”?

Most of us know about the importance of ergonomics when choosing a study chair, or office chair. Not only are these chairs more comfortable to sit on, they’re also better for our health and wellbeing in the long run.┬áHere are five points you need to look out for when choosing an ergonomic office chair, as exemplified by the Miro chair from Soho Living.


Mesh – A chair with a back made from mesh definitely helps. The flexible material conforms to your back as you sit, no matter your body shape or size. The mesh material is also more cooling as it doesn’t restrict air flow. If you know you’ll be spending long hours at the desk, a chair with a mesh back can help make the experience more bearable.

Arm Rests – You might think that the arm rests of a study chair may not be important, but it actually plays a substantial role in the way you sit. Height adjustable arm rests give you the option of making sure that your arms and elbows are supported. This means that your shoulders won’t feel as tired when you’re using the keyboard and mouse.


Lock-tilt Mechanism – You’re not just sitting still on a chair. Your body will move, even subconsciously, to adjust to the way you work. As such, the ideal chair should be able to adapt to our movements. The Miro has an imported lock-tilt mechanism that allows you to control how sharply the chair reacts to your body. Whether you enjoy leaning back and reclining, or sitting up firm and straight, the chair should be able to respond to your needs.

Seat Controls – A height adjustable seat is one of the basic requirements of an office chair. After all, not everyone has the same height! The ideal chair should possess a pneumatic adjustable seat. You should also be able to control the tension of the chair to accommodate all weights and sizes.


Base – A sturdy yet lightweight chair is always better than a heavy and hefty one. An aluminium base is strong yet light, making it a good option for office chair bases. Wheels, or castors, made from aluminium are also a good option as they are sturdier than regular wheels.


The Miro chair is available at Soho Living.


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