Mad for Marble

We’ve put together some gorgeous examples of how marble – and faux marble textures – can be used in the home to add raise the chic factor

Mad for Marble

Marble is one of those classic materials that have been around for centuries. It’s always associated with luxury and glamour, and is usually reserved for the affluent elite. But marble is becoming more well-accepted in all sorts of home, especially with the availability of marble-like materials like tiles and laminates.

This luxury stone’s rich designs and recognisable vein patterns make it a must-have in homes that want to visually elevate its look, and its timeless grace strikes up a visual feast in any home style. We’ve put together some gorgeous examples of how marble – and faux marble textures – can be used in the home to add raise the chic factor.

By Disa Tan

Concept Corner

AddSpace_Compassvale_5 Marble, much revered for its rich veining, can easily demarcate and anchor a space on its own. It works for this stylish ‘drinking hole’ as the homeowners can enjoy a drink while admiring the gorgeous backdrop.

Stylish Lifestyle by Add Space


Behind The Bed

LBA2015_page217_Design_by_TAIMS_InteriorCrowning the bed with cool finesse is the unconventional material choice of black marble with light, feathery white veins. As compared to the usual PVC padding or wooden headboard, this lustrous looking slab oozes with a sleek hotel-worthy appeal.

Design by TAIMS Interior


Living Room Wall

LBA2015_page216_Design_by_TAIMS_InteriorThe cost of marble isn’t exactly wallet-friendly. But the good news is, you don’t have to use it liberally to achieve maximum style impact. This home shows how a a little can go a long way. The feature wall behind the TV set is clad in white marble with dramatic dark veining that adds class to the space.

Design by TAIMS Interior


Double Sink Vanity



Depending on the type of marble you choose. the room can appear either dark and dramatic or light and airy. This bathroom uses Carrara marble, with its shades of white and grey, to contrast with the wood flooring. It’s a striking combo as the warmth of woos complements the cold beauty of marble to a tee.

Design by Design Rebirth


Open Concept Countertop




Perfectly accented by marble are the sink countertop and its matching backsplash. Again, you don’t need a lot of marble to make a big impression. Here, the marble actually grounds the space and gives the home an earthy, organic feel.

Design by WYNK Collaborative


Bathroom Platform



A raised platform made from marble not only defines the bathtub area, it also elevates the sense of grandeur in this spacious bathroom. In time to come, a beautiful patina finish will emerge due to the long-term usage, and that’s when the veining will gradually evolve into something full of character.

Design by Ciseern


Bar Counter


An open-concept area calls for something more glitzy and marble is your best bet. Of course, there’s no need to stop at topping your counter with marble; having it cascade down its base will definitely create a strong visual statement.

Design by Chew Interior


Shower Stall Feature


In wet areas such as the bathroom, it will be tougher to preserve the pristine condition of your marble surfaces. There are however, tiles that are designed to emulate the look of this luxury stone. They look great on bathroom walls and can cleverly disguise water marks and soap scum.

Design by Meter Cube Interiors


Island Counter


Amidst the understand white and warm hues, this decadently beautiful island stands out with its wraparound marble surface. Artistic strokes from the veining resemble a calligraphy artwork, which create an eye-catching visual point. The luxurious lustre also brings instant glamour to this open plan dining and dry kitchenette.

Social Space by Third Avenue Studio



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