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How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Cool Home/Office

Working from home? You’re going to need a home office that’ll keep you feeling productive and inspired. We scope out some local home offices that work.

Working from home? You’re going to need a home office that’ll keep you feeling productive and inspired. We scope out some local home offices that work. By Rossara Jamil


Old Fashioned Charm

Home Office_Forest Woodworking

Love the romanticism of old English libraries? Forest Woodworking uses wallpaper to recreate the same look without the dust and mustiness. It’s a quick and easy look with zero additional maintenance. A comfy button-tufted armchair and a low table makes this a quiet spot for reading and relaxing. But when it comes to settling down and getting work done, the workspace is situated next to a window. The bright and cheery environment keeps you feeling alert and productive.


Keep It Lighthearted
Home Office_Northwest_Interior

Turn the home office into a space for creative pursuits with high-impact designs that may just spark your creative juices. This home designed by Northwest Interior Design has an office that is serious when it comes to creative “pow-wow”sessions. A wall mural of a cartoon car crash starts from the living room and culminates in this study room, signaling a fun approach to work. When it’s time to hunker down and work, take a page from writers all over the world who swear by having a table that faces the wall to keep from being distracted.


Multi-Functional Space

Home Office_Interior Library

What we love about this home office is that it’s multi-functional, making it more of a hobby room than a boring study. With wall-to-wall display shelves, design firm The Interior Library transformed this space into a convertible space that can go from home office to entertainment room to reading room in a flash. We love how the storage options can hold books, references and other important documents, leaving things neat and organised. Bonus points to the use of LED strip lights on the shelves, giving the room its nifty glow.


Swanky Situation

Home Office_Design Rebirth

Cloaked in taupe and grey wallpaper, this home office by Design Rebirth exudes sensuous style that takes a page from Mad Men’s stylebook, albeit with a polished and more modernised spin. We love the masculine vibe, especially the combination of tinted mirrors and jet black surfaces. Another winning point is the wealth of hidden storage that helps to keep the room sleekly uncluttered.


Mix Business And Pleasure

Home Office_TAIMS Interior

With space being a precious commodity in Singapore, not everyone has the luxury of having a dedicated home office. In this home by TAIMS Interior, the designers confidently mix business with pleasure. The understated work desk represents the business side of things, while the bicycle rack is a reminder of the importance of work-life balance. But what takes the cake is the beautiful use of textures and patterns, ranging from the marble-like veins on the shelves to the graphic print on the carpet.


Like A Boss
Home Office_JOW-Architects

This winning home office has all the hallmarks of an efficient work space: wall-to-wall shelves keep files and folders neat and orderly, large windows keep the space brightly lit, and all your knickknacks are kept at a distance to prevent distraction, but are readily within reach if you need an inspiration boost. JOW Architects went a step further to liven up the room (who says a workspace has to be serious all the time?) with fresh flowers, oversized posters and a subtle chevron pattern on the floor.


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