Bedroom Dividers For Every Type Of Home

Up the game with a room divider that can improve your bedroom’s space efficiency

Bedroom Dividers For Every Type Of Home

In Singapore, we’re used to having multi-purpose rooms: a shared living/dining room, a kitchen that incorporates a dining space, or a study room that doubles as a playroom, are just some examples. The most common however, is the bedroom and wardrobe combination. In our ever-shrinking homes, it’s only rational to have your closet (and dressing room) be in the same space as your sleeping quarters. Space-planning is imperative towards a successful shared bedroom and wardrobe layout. Up the game with a divider that can improve the room’s space efficiency. We let these well-designed bedroom and en-suite wardrobe combos do the talking. By Disa Tan

1. Bi-Fold Beauty


This bedroom/wardrobe combo looks like it belongs in a hip, modern New York loft, thanks to the warm wood patterns and black steel trimmings. You might be surprised to learn that it’s actually a 4-room HDB flat! The homeowners sacrificed a spare bedroom to create this roomy walk-in wardrobe, then clearly divided this newly expanded bedroom with bi-fold doors and windows. It’s a winning formula as both areas share the same style but is defined well enough to appear as separate entities.

Design by Home Journal


2. No Fuss, No Mess

We like how casual and unobtrusive this full-height entertainment unit is. It doesn’t take up too much space in the 5-room HDB and it easily divides the room while providing storage space for the owners. We love how the divider is attached to both the ceiling and the floor, allowing it to anchor itself as a prime structure in the middle of the room.

Design by Linear Space Concepts

3. String of Romances


Here’s a simple – and extremely affordable – way of adding a partition to the bedroom. String curtains also bring that sense of romanticism and sensuality to the space. If you have a smaller bedroom like the one in this condo apartment, string curtains offer the suggestion of a room divider but without taking up space or feeling bulky. If you want more privacy just swap out string curtains for organza curtains.

Design by The Interior Place


4. In Good Order


This landed home’s bedroom may be large and spacious, but it’s marred by an angled roof and drop ceilings that leave awkward corners. The thick divider helps to smooth things out by acting as a focal point of the room. We love how it visually and physically separates sleeping space from dressing space but is placed at half-height to allow light to reach the furthest corner of the wardrobe.

Design by The Interior Place


5. Incoming Daylight



Most HDB bedrooms don’t have space for a walk-in wardrobe, let alone a room divider. But in this executive flat, the owners cleverly built a partial wall that separates the bed from the en-suite bathroom. Not only does it quaintly compartmentalise the room, it also serves as a storage space with its mix of open and closed shelves.

Design by Third Avenue Studio


6. Study In Style


Strictly speaking, this room divider doesn’t demarcate the space between the bed and the wardrobe. In fact, the room divider IS the wardrobe, which separates the bed from the study table. It’s a smart way to utilise the unused space in the middle of the room and at the same time and to create a little nook to put the workstation. We can imagine the study desk being easily transformed into a vanity to boost the functionality of this bedroom.

Design by Third Avenue Studio


7. Double the Room


The sheer volume of this bedroom (a showroom mock up displayed at a trade exhibition) showcases the myriad of possibilities when designing your own space. To make room for a walk-in wardrobe, the designers built up a wall that halves the bedroom, effectively doubling its purpose. But it isn’t just a plain room partition: it’s a mirrored wall that is outfitted with lights and even a power socket.

Design by



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