7 Bedrooms You’ll Never Want To Leave In The Mornings

Here are 7 inspiring bedrooms that will have you hitting the snooze button every morning!

7 Bedrooms You’ll Never Want To Leave In The Mornings

Looking for something a little different for your bedroom? Whether you’re living in an HDB, condo or landed house, it’s definitely worth the effort (and money) to design a bedroom that you wouldn’t mind spending more than eight hours in every day. After all, the bedroom is no longer just a space for sleeping.

Here are 7 inspiring bedrooms that will have you hitting the snooze button every morning!


1. Soft and Comforting


It’s all about creating the right mood, no matter how small your bedroom is! We like the soft glow of this bedroom and the plush, all-white feeling. The mood is immediately welcoming and you can’t wait to jump into bed. In the morning, just draw the curtains open and bask in the deluge of daylight.

A New Hierarchy by Studio XMSL


2. Back to Your Roots


Embrace your Asian influences and turn the bedroom into an Oriental wonderland. Here, brilliant shades of red and vintage furniture pieces create a beautiful bedroom that wouldn’t look out of place in a long-gone dynasty. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort and luxury to achieve this look; this bedroom has a grand and welcoming feel that harks back to to extravagant yet ornate times.

East Meets West by Whites D’Zigno


3. Sleep Comes First


Sometimes, a simple bedroom is all you need to create the right setting for maximum rest and relaxation. In this home, the owners’ personality takes over. This bedroom has a simple, uncluttered look, but the jet-black headboard and floors are all that are needed to give the space its calming sense of serenity.

Personality Shine by Meter Square 


4. Sleep in Style


You can’t deny the sense of lavish luxury in the master bedroom of this semi-detached house. Tinted mirrors, plush bedding, parquet floors and an opulent, clear-glass walk-in wardrobe all come together to recreate a space that looks like it belongs in a luxury hotel suite!

Luxe Treats by The Interior Place


5. All In Black


With its dark colour scheme and strong material palette, this bedroom has a bold, masculine look to it. We love the soothing shades on the floor, curtains and even the feature wall that wraps around the wall and ceiling. To prevent the space from looking too masculine, add a pop of red!

Glamorous Grey by Neu Konceptz


6. Minimalist Zen


Once again, this bedroom proves that keeping your space neat and uncluttered will go a long way in creating a serene bedroom setting. The room may not have large windows to brighten up the space, so the designers planned for a room with natural materials and muted colours. We’re getting Zen vibes in this bedroom!

Design by Northwest Interior


7. Sensual and Romantic


Most of the bedrooms in this list are pictures of peace and serenity but this one has a more vibrant energy in its design. The romantic red shades, the ornate chandelier and the crisscrossing headboard feature are strong elements that give this room a sensual look that you just want to envelop yourself in!

In the Club by Free Space Intent


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