3 clever ways to use dark colours on your walls

Transform the look of your home with a deep, rich colour on your walls

3 clever ways to use dark colours on your walls

If you’re thinking of going for a bolder look at home, try a deep, rich colour on your wall. “Darker, richer colours have the ability to add grandeur to any space,” says Jeremy Rowe, Managing Director, AkzoNobel Decorative Paints, South East, South Asia and Middle East.

While we generally see the use of whites and lighter colours in our local homes, that doesn’t mean a different palette wouldn’t work in Singapore. Moody hues can be used to transform the atmosphere of a compact-sized room into a chic and cosy space to relax in. Start your colour search by looking at the items that you will be placing in your room, such as furniture, fabrics, tiles, and art pieces. Your wall colour could possibly complement and even bring out the beauty of these items.

Here are 3 clever ideas that you could use to choose a colour for your wall.

1) Select colours that you see in nature

edCF16-D&L-9 Photo courtesy of AkzoNobel

The alluring shades of lush forests and deep oceans offer a rich palette that you can easily adapt into your home. Warm colours like olive green and dark teal are suitable for bedrooms as they evoke the tranquillity of nature, creating the perfect space to unwind in. Use dashes of the same colour all around the house to create a cohesive look.

2) Show off your light-coloured furniture pieces

edCF16-D&L-4_CGPhoto courtesy of AkzoNobel

Shadowy shades of purple or blue work brilliantly as a regal backdrop, especially for a home that is decked out in clean-lined, light-coloured furniture and home accessories. In addition, the play of shadows and colour causes the walls to visually recede, creating the illusion of more space.

3) Spice up unlikely places in your home

ed_studiowills7 Design by Studio Wills

More and more often, the kitchen and dining areas are the place to eat, work, and play. Add a dramatic splash of colour to its walls to transform it into an exquisite space for cooking and entertaining. Applied appropriately, navy, charcoal, and mahogany walls can create an intimate setting for loved ones to gather and have long conversations over hearty meals and good wine.


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