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Thinking out of the box with a spectacular kitchen showcase

Open-concept kitchens may be all the rage, but this resale condo has a glass-enclosed kitchen that is worth more than a second look.

Home Type: 2-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,000sqft

Text by Disa Tan

An irregular floor plan may prove to be challenging but the designers from Minimology turned this obstacle into an opportunity for something truly exceptional. They completely refreshed this resale flat’s layout by converting the study room into the kitchen. Now, that’s something you don’t see every day.

kitchen showcase

“The homeowners love to cook and entertain,” reveals the design team. That culminated in them proposing to situate the semi open-concept kitchen right behind the living area. With aluminium partitions and glass panels perfectly framing the cookspace, the gregarious homeowners get a good view of the TV and can maintain interaction with guests in their living area.

kitchen showcase

The glass-enclosed kitchen introduces a good flow of daylight and this is capitalised in the living area with its warm palette of colours. With light accentuating the woodgrain tones from the TV console, this Scandinavian-style living zone extends a welcoming gesture to both the homeowners and their company. A low-rise cabinet in a contrasting solid-coloured finish breaks the richness of the woodgrain patterns and lightens the visual bulk.

A closer look reveals groove lines along the TV console which discreetly hides the storage compartments. This adds to a streamlined look which further minimises the visual clutter for a spacious living area.

The area nearest to the front entrance has been reconfigured as the dining space. It embraces the awkward angles of the floor plan well, thanks to a few design tricks executed by the team. Building a top deck of display shelving diverts the attention away from the odd-shaped layout – outlining it with track lighting also adds to the distraction.

Merging the homeowners’ existing tabletop – which was imported from Morocco – with a custom-built base was a smart design move. With the base sporting symmetrical outlines, it mirrors the odd angles of the layout and renders an aesthetically-appealing effect. Aligned with the entrance of the kitchen is a custom-built fixture clad in glossy white laminates. “We managed to cater to the homeowners’ storage needs by concealing the storeroom behind this fixture,” say the designers.

kitchen showcase

Behind the sliding door with a laminate woodgrain finish is the semi-open kitchen. A series of open and closed shelving keeps the look open and airy while woodgrain finishes for the cabinets and worktops continue the warm Scandinavian aesthetic.

Like the communal zones, the master bedroom is awash in a soothing medley of warm neutral tones. A light earthy hue marks the painted feature wall and is the perfect backdrop to draw out the dramatic brushstrokes of the artwork from Ode to Art. It is complemented by a space-savvy system of sleek shelving which adds to the functionality of the custom-built bedframe in a matching laminate finish.

After undergoing a complete overhaul with a change in the wall and floor tiles, the master bathroom is now filled with a relaxed ambience. A new vanity cabinet and its mirror ensemble play up the bright and laidback feel, and the designers have made sure to maximise its storage space, just as they did in the communal zones.


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