Modern luxe style in a resale condo unit

For a home that caters to this couple’s urban lifestyle, the Interior Diary designers fused the sophisticated aesthetic of the Victorian style with a modern material and colour palette.

  • Modern luxe style in a resale condo unit

  • Modern luxe style in a resale condo unit

  • Modern luxe style in a resale condo unit

  • Modern luxe style in a resale condo unit

  • Modern luxe style in a resale condo unit

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,400sqft

Text by Disa Tan

Using wallpaper, tinted mirrors and wall mouldings, Gary Ng, creative director of Interior Diary, has imbued this home for two with a classic Victorian look. What he did differently though, to update the look, was implement an elegant monochromatic colour scheme that plays down the extravagant Victorian style. Reflected in the vinyl flooring, wall paint colours and ceiling feature, it lends a modern edge to the overall look.

Zoned by a split in level, the living area has a distinct English-style vibe. Wall mouldings, serving as the main design feature, embellish the walls and TV console For contrast, Gary utilised tinted mirror strips to outline the TV feature wall. These reflective surfaces heighten the visual expanse of the space and resonate with the look of modern grandeur.

An open-concept layout works wonders in elongating the kitchen which shares the same confines as the dining area. The new set-up is spacious enough to work in a new storeroom. To retain the fluid sense of space, Gary clad the door with tinted mirror strips, concealing the storeroom behind these sleek surfaces.

While modern Victorian aesthetics are prominent in the master bedroom, this design treatment is enhanced by a generous capacity of storage. “The homeowners requested for more storage here,” says Gary. “The bedroom, however, is rather small and we didn’t want to hamper on the walking space so we made use of the wall space to mount the bedside cabinets.”

The open kitchen is complemented by a bar counter; a design feature requested by the homeowners. It features a quartz countertop, and to fulfil the Victorian aesthetic, a marble-look laminate is utilised for the front of the counter.

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