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Dark, earthy colour palette done right in this terrace house

Ultimate Interior Creation explores dark hues and a variety of materials in this landed property.

Home Type: 3-bedroom terrace house

Floor Area: 2,637 sqft

Text by Rossara Jamil

The beauty of having your own space is the ability and freedom to decide how your home looks like. How it all comes together depends on a variety of factors that include style preferences, lifestyle, budget and an appetite for going beyond the norm.

colour palette of Sennett living and dining by Ultimate Interior Creation

For a young couple and their two kids, home is a three-bedroom terrace house. They saw their 2,637 sqft property as a space for exploring new ideas and material applications. That said, their brief for interior design company Ultimate Interior Creation included keeping the existing structure.

Given these parameters, the design team proposed a host of ideas for each space that would enhance the spatial planning and create a luxurious ambience. The design team spent time brainstorming ideas to personalise each area and to provide a unique spatial experience. Tying the look together is the colour palette of black, white and brown.

colour palette of Sennett kitchen by Ultimate Interior Creation

The kitchen, for example, bears dark and glossy finishes for its cabinetry and island. Here, the design team uses materials like rough lava stone with polished granite and stainless steel. They have also kept the ceiling as high as possible for an airy feel. The split-level common area houses the dining and living areas. A see-through divider creates greater definition between the two spaces and accords privacy to the dining area.

colour palette of Sennett storage solution by Ultimate Interior Creation

Storage solutions have been incorporated into the living area as well to meet the growing family’s storage needs. Full-height bookshelves accompany a cosy reading corner. The space below the staircase houses additional storage solutions that are concealed with a display feature wall.

colour palette of Sennett bathroom by Ultimate Interior Creation

Another notable space is the common bathroom. Although compact, it presents a streamlined look by way of dark mosaic tiles on opposite walls. These contrast with the light-coloured floor. LED lights add dimension and an edgy feel to the ambience.

colour palette of Sennett master bedroom by Ultimate Interior Creation

With one of the owners being an entrepreneur, a space for work at home is necessary from time to time. The design team carved out an area in the master bedroom for a writing and reading space. Documents and books have a place on the wall-mounted shelves. Importantly, this area is blocked off with tinted glass panels to minimise disturbance while the other rests. Finally, to elevate the look, the design team proposed mother of pearl and decorative tinted mirror for the headboard and feature wall.

colour palette of Sennett water feature by Ultimate Interior Creation

colour palette of Sennett alfresco living by Ultimate Interior Creation

In all, the textures in this home ensure that it offers plenty to experience at every turn. Of note, too, with many areas for the family to lounge and spend time together indoors or outdoors, this is a space where bonds are made stronger.

Ultimate Interior Creation

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