Ultimate Room Makeover: Korla


Ultimate Room Makeover: Korla

Beautify your living room with curtains and cushions from Korla!

The furniture pieces in your home will determine the look of the room, but it’s the soft furnishing that will give it character and style. From cushions to curtains, picking the right colour and pattern can make a strong visual impact in your home! 
Fabric specialist Korla creates and manufactures its original collections of textiles, with strong colours, motifs and patterns to suit all sorts of personalities. We love the bright colours and eye-catching patterns, and they’ll definitely make a statement in any living room. 
As part of the $25,000 prize package, Korla will be contributing cushions, curtains and other soft furnishing to your living room!
Want to win a living room worth more than $25,000? Take part in our Ultimate Room Makeover competition now!
Want to win a living room worth more than $25,000? Take part in our Ultimate Room Makeover competition! 


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