Tempur’s “Weightless” Campaign

Tempur brings joy with bubbles at Orchard Road as part of its “Weightless” campaign

Tempur’s “Weightless” Campaign

Bedding specialist Tempur launched its new “Weightless” campaign, with the core message that “sleeping on a Tempur mattress makes you feel weightless, helps you sleep better to wake up feeling refreshed and enjoy good mornings everyday”. To emphasise this message, Tempur created a fun, light-filled “bubble” experience right in the heart of Orchard Road.

A bubble button was placed on the walkway in front of Mandarin Gallery, with simple instructions to “Press Here”. When curious passers-by push the button, they were surrounded by an explosion of bubbles. A crew then appears to hand out Tempur-branded bubble bottles to share the love and spread the message of being “weightless”. Hidden cameras captured the surprise and joy.

Check out the video below to see how Tempur’s “Weightless” campaign played out.



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