Spotted at SingaPlural 2016

9 kooky things we saw at Singapore’s favourite design playground

Spotted at SingaPlural 2016

The fifth edition of SingaPlural opened to great crowds on 7 March and will be here till 13 March. The interactive installations and design festivities have constantly met the mark over the years and for 2016, they certainly did not disappoint. Here’s a round-up of what we saw, loved and couldn’t stop talking about at SingaPlural 2016.

1) A kaleidoscopic photo booth


JpegSCOPE by EDL x Lekker Architects

SCOPE is an architectural kaleidoscope that you can walk into and inhabit. While the exterior is a weave of timber laminates, the reflectivity of the interior is created using mirror laminates. Walk in and remember to take that instagrammable shot!


2) Roaches bigger than the size of rats!


ed20160307_182305Scale Up Your Fear by StickyLine

Relax. These “roaches” are made from folding paper. The designers at Stickyline wanted this installation to be an amplification of your fears, so that the question is: How will you react when you are forced to confront your fears? Well, we gleefully picked one of these up and even stroked it. But the real thing? No, thank you.


3) Dream houses

edIMG_1438The Curious Paradox of 50 House by Teo Huey Ling

A whimsical exploration using clay and wool, this installation encourages a tactile sensory aesthetic. There are 50 houses spread throughout the space, can you find all 50?


4) An indulgence in #tileaddiction

ed20160307_181409Tile It Up by WY-TO x Hafary

Step into an interactive installation featuring a large spectrum of Hafary products. Creative design studio WY-TO rethinks tiles as an integrated component of design and uses this experiential installation to reveal the wide range of tiles, textures and finishes in different settings.


5) Polaroid magic

ed20160307_185853Beneath the Surface by Miun

Comprising a series of instant photographs that demonstrates depth and magic in a Polaroid frame, this interactive artwork is one that is certainly amusing and delightful. Go on, press the button and watch the film light up!


6) A garden behind many doors


edIMG_1445Doors by Mediacorp x IDCS x SILA x SFIC

Constructed out of recycled Mediacorp production set props, Doors is a maze of openings that lead to five curated spaces to tease our senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.


7) Embroidery with hair

edIMG_1442War With White Shirts by Bev C

Using a massive range of white shirts, designers from fashion store Bev C explore how interaction with fellow human beings affect each of us. While we get that relationships have an affect on us as a person, like how stains easily mark a white shirt, we are fascinated with the intricate embroidery seen on these white shirts.


8) Musical animals

edIMG_1440The Endangered by Trigger Design x AllSense

The Endangered is an animal-themed range of musical jewellery boxes that uses colour, texture, sound and scent to trigger your memories.


9) Vegetables that aren’t really

edIMG_1441Eat Your Vegetables by Zavier Wong

This installation challenges our association of familiar things with specific shapes and colour. Is that green-coloured vegetable-shaped object a vegetable or a gummy candy?




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